Is there a way to only play incursion


New to the game, and i really like it.
but the mode i like is incursion, while the other game modes are OK, they are not the type of games i like.
incursion is great, but now that i got to rank 20 i can no loger choose to play incursion and have to go into quick play.
and it seems like it just random and i have not gotten a single incursion game in the last 4 days.

im really starting to get fed up with it.
if there is no way to just play incursion im honestly thinking of just giving up on this game.

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Incursion did have its own queue in the past. Wasn’t that long ago though. I don’t know if there are plans to bring it back.

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Are you on console or pc? As far as console goes Quick match has been switched to Incursion and Meltdown only with voting now allowed according to Joe from the GB team.


And as of yesterday, quick play didn’t have any voting on it.
it just starts a game.
its it maybe a new patch coming up?

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It should allow to vote now.

I played quick match on Xbox yesterday and it allowed voting. Did you happen to play before 4 eastern when the new que dropped? Also here’s the link to where Joe commented: Battleplan 51: 6/22/17
I’m going to hop on and see if it’s still voting today

Legends tell of a queue where there was only Incursion, but i personally think it’s an old wives’ tale…


Don’t forget the even more ancient and mysterious tale of a place where Capture could be played exclusively. Even I, who have been here since the early days of Beta can scarcely recall any details. It was rumored to have existed in fabled Hy Brasil, or at least that’s what I believe. Since no one living ever seemed to find their way to it.


From what I heard, the 5v5 queues are just Incursion and Meltdown now, as Capture and Face-Off got moved to the new 3v3 queues with Supercharge. If anything, you’ll have more chances of playing Incursion now, but may have to endure a few Meltdown matches in-between.

In a perfect world we’d all be able to play and que in every mode separately, but those days are gone and I doubt they will return :neutral_face:.

Just play in QM. 9/10 times people will vote for Incursion

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Incursion is Battleborn life. The game can’t survive without it!!’ After trying the disappointed new mode, I’ll go back to Incursion as well. Incursion maps mode seriously need to get back or the other modes will suffer severely in quick match.

Snaps flipper somehow.

OR… Or they could bring back Versus Draft…

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Yes! Even better!

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Gruff old man voice
There was I was there when it existed when it fell, I still have scars from it. A battlefield where only the expert could thrive, I wasn’t one of them.


derpy old man cuts in
"Is this where you took an arrow to the knee?!"

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Gruff old man
No it’s the one where I realized that Battleborn’s multiplayer is hard after 3 consecutive losses.