Is there a way to quest item farm in BL3?

Hey Vault Hunters,

I was wondering if there was a way to farm quest items in Borderlands 3. Tried to do some research but couldn’t come up with anything.

I know you can reset quests, but I want to farm one side quest for an anointed version of that unique. Do I have to beat the game over and over again to reroll the item, or does quitting out work?

If I do reset all my quests, can I go back to that one location and continuously farm it or do I have to start the game over immediately?

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Read only should work on PC, on PS4 you to backup your save.

Guess I was lucky that I got a LOV3M4CH1N3 with +100% on ASE on the X, because there you can’t even backup your saves in case they get corrupted etc.

That is lucky, grats!

I guess I will have to farm it hard.

You cant get the Bekah twice, I know that. Even if you reset.

But you can farm it.

Its not a world drop as far as i know and the legendary hunt reward is only way to get it and you get it once.

Leave last kill, backup your save/set read only, and you can farm it. It’s workaround but there is no alternative.

So you need PS+ to get around re-farming the game?

No… Just save your game to USB before finishing quest or accepting reward.

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