Is there a way to quickly see if a legendary is dropped?

So I created another twink and been doing a lot of farming with my main. What’s annoying is that some bosses(like Bunker) drop a lot of loot, most of which is useless, and after a while of farming it starts to get annoying to sort through all of it to see if your desired item dropped. Is there some sort of mod that allows you to quickly see legendary drops, perhaps making those orange beams stand out a little bit more or something along those lines?

For BNK-3R, his legendary will always drop in or near the big ammo pile in the middle.

Yeah, but there are other farmable bosses as well. There is Hyperius who I can kill from arena entrance before he can do anything, but then I have to run all the way to him to check loot. (This is added to the fact that Hyperius doesn’t drop Norfleet unless you kill him a ton. And if you use an exploit, the amount of loot that will be left after all the Hyperiuses you kill will make it almost impossible to find a legendary amidst it).

Sadly no and it is indeed very annoying. You really need to know exactly how that orange beam looks like to get a feeling for it.
Hyperius isn’t that bad though. I could kill him 100 times, no exaggeration, in one session and still find the Legendaries as the orange beam is very noticeable among the blue and green guns (except for the Kiss of Death which is blue. Good luck finding that one without trashing all the other blues).
Although that is my take and watching all that loot with that horrible bloom is cause for a migraine…

Yeah, the arena becomes very bright when everything is littered in loot. I know that you can use cheat engine to delete loot, but I don’t want to use it. I wish they had D3 system, where legendaries are shown on the map, and in general are more visible when they drop.

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this, but I will say me and a few friends have farmed him (mainly for BAR challenge), will usually kill him 30 times and there have been times when we have found 4 legendries in the pile with at least 1 being a norfleet

As far as killing Bunker just saving and continuing from his area is the best way to clear out old loot. It also resets the red chest underneath the waterfall so I tend to do this rather than just exit and enter again…