Is there a way to report players?

I mean its bad enough having players on your team who dont do anything, but when you go up against players who are overly agressive spawn trap you, not playing the objective I.E Incursion and constantly send you hate messages ranging from "Get &^%$! LOL to “You suck, get off the game *&^%$”

I mean is there a way to report them without using xbox lives “AMAZING” reporting feature?

Right now, I don’t think there is on any platform. On the PC it’s only through Steam. And I’m pretty sure that since Steam can’t see in game issues (intentional feeding, raging on the mic, etc) a report through their system is lack luster.

People quitting mid game needs some form of penalty too. Though that’s a catch 22, you don’t want people to quit but you don’t want 30 minute queue times either, so a ban timer isn’t ideal at the moment.

I see, but I dont have a issue of people leaving games. its the face that the winning team rubs their victory in your face that it makes you wanna not play the game anymore, i really wish I could name them but of course they have to protect people like them.

I had no issues with people messaging me in this game so far but I would use the xbox report system if I were you.

Again, on PC I can only message opponents through Steam. So at that point the Steam reporting would work (I’d assume the same system would work for XBox). I’m actually a little annoyed there isn’t an All Chat feature or a post game lobby. Sometimes I actually want to give credit to an opponent

Done so, a lot, the thing is though, xbox doesn’t do anything about it, about the only thing they will do is communication ban them. They will still be on playing though in this case they should be banned for sending hate messages for being sore winners.

I have never seen this happen, shoot lately if I get paired against apretty new teeam in Pugs and my team is all 60+ I turn on my mic and try to convince everyone to choose random characters or characters they have barely played. I have had better games that way, Sorry you seem to have ran into a rotten lot of apples.

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The most elegant solution to this is to start pairing them to higher leveled (elo) players after getting enough reports. Kind of like shut up or put up tactics…

Recently I have met a few lvl 100s that feeds really bad. Like less than 5 mins into the game, they already have 5 deaths. And when the first sentry dies, they’ll say f*** it and leave the game :sweat: Then whenever enemy kills you, they’ll just press the G button. This really ruins the whole thing.

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I agree that this is a growing problem and I do wonder why there is no report feature in the game and the only explanation that I can think… They are way to scared of losing more players, so they prefer a lot of people leaving matches, than banning and punishing people for wasting other people’s time