Is there a way to revert back to previous patch?

The game used to play flawlessly on my computer but since the patch is lags out horribly when there is a battle going on. It doesn’t matter if there are 2 players or 6 it always lags horribly. I am talking Player VS CPU. Whatever they did totally screwed things up for my computer and I would like to go back to before the patch. :frowning:

My understanding is that this isn’t possible. The patch should run faster in similar situations up until a buttload of ships are fighting in formation. Indeed early on it was 8-10% faster, before any of the graphics speed improvements were made. Try turning down your graphics options - or looking for the one that causes the most lag…

Maybe there’s something odd in your log - have you looked at your HWRM.log? Heavy logging would slow framerate quite a bit…

Is it only in Homeworld?

Run ‘Verify Integrity of Game Cache’. Often when a game runs perfectly fine and then after a patch runs perfectly fine or better for everyone except one or two people it’s either a glitchy patch that messed some files up or a driver issue that is unique to that system.

Yes it is ONLY Homeworld that has this problem and the graphic settings are exactly the same as before. So there shouldn’t be a problem unless the graphics and other things were greatly boosted in what they required.

Unfortunately Steam will not let you turn off Updates they force you to get them but there is a way around it.

I had a whole computer backup archive with the previous version of Homeworld Remastered on it. This is what I did.

I exited Steam and shut it down and I never let it start on computer boot.
Restored the Homeworld directory from my backup archive.
Created a .bat file to turn on Airplane Mode in windows 10 since this is a laptop and it never goes wired.
Created a Shortcut to launch the .bat file.
I set the Properties for the game to only update when launched. This will allow me to update other games when Steam is loaded while the internet is on.

Now when the game starts the internet is turned off and Steam starts in Offline mode. This prevents Steam from trying to update the game. So now I am playing on the previous version of Homeworld.

Since I have done this the game plays flawlessly without any lagging. Whatever supposed speedups that were added they did absolutely nothing for my system. In fact it made things horribly worse. It’s a pain in the butt to have to jump through these hoops but on this computer Homeworld Remastered was totally hosed and unplayable with the 2.0 patch.

Verifying didn’t fix the problem so I resorted to another option.

It might be hard to hear but the problem is on your end. However there might be something the devs can do to help so if you do ever want to try and resolve it we’re all ears. It’s one of the down sides of being part of the PC master race. There has to be a price for all the good things we get :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe you could revert your video card drivers to an earlier version and then try to play the update?

Not to sound impassionate - but meh. PCs are weird, variable things - we changed code, and some odd thing appears to have made the experience on your hardware/OS worse. Given that it is the only instance I’ve seen of that - I can’t say much. Our own testing on a wide range of machines, and the many people who have updated and not reported this suggest it is extremely uncommon. If I had some way of debugging or profiling, I might find the reason. In lieu of being able to do that though, certainly reverting to the older version is an option you should take when possible.

As for ‘with the same settings’ - that’s sort of my point. Some of the shaders and processing changed. ‘The same settings’ could be the problem - turning one specific thing off might fix it - but if you aren’t willing to try that, I am not sure what other guidance I can give. I am happy to hear you’ve found a solution for your issue - even if that involves reverting to the previous build…


The problem seems to be with the number of ships in the game. The more ships the worse it gets. In a two player game it starts out smooth and nice with the 2.0 patch. Everything is fluid but as more ships are built it starts getting slower.

In a 6 player game with literally hundreds of ships doing battle it slows down horribly. When trying to scroll across the map it is like page flipping. Something changed that upped the load levels considerably. Either the new formations or graphic changes or something greatly impacted the game on my system.

I can play the exact same 6 player map with the exact same factions on the CPU players and myself on the previous patch and the 2.0 patch. The previous patch everything is fluid and smooth to the finish of the map. The 2.0 it dogs down horribly and gets to a point it is unplayable.

It does seem odd that there is just a drastic change in performance between the 2.0 patch and the last version.

I absolutely love Homeworld and it is one game I have played consistently since it came out over a decade ago. Maybe others on less powerful systems haven’t said anything about the problem and just shelved the game.

What CPU does your system have, Sandy?
For that matter, what GPU does your system have?

I encounter a framerate drop in large battles, but I expect that given the script load and the large amount of effects going on at those times.
I also sometimes encounter a framerate drop when ordering units to move when there are a lot of objects on the screen… presumably that’s due to a high UI load.

I was having crappy frames too, it was mentioned on another thread, but for some people the game is default running on the CPU integrated graphics instead of the discrete graphics. But changing the resolution(and then changeing it back) was a temporary fix that would move rendering over to the GPU. try manually setting the games affinity in your driver control panel. for nvidia this is just adding it to the list of games under the nvidia control panel>manage 3D settings>program settings.


Great suggestion!

I noticed the change in performance, but in my case was actually backwards, but I noticed some behavior in the graphs I got that suggest that a more CPU limited system that has low performance per core can receive a bigger hit with the new patch once the amount of ships on screen reaches a critical point.

I have an old but heavy overcloked system:
AMD Phenom II X4 980BE @3.94GHz, Northbrige 2865MHz
2x8Gb Mushkin Blackline -19200 @1926 10-11-10-28
ASUS GTX970OC DCuII4GB @ 1260MHz core, 1445MHz Boost, 2000MHz memory

This graph was taken from the HWRM 2.0 release day:

As you can see, my frametimes were very consistents most of the time having an average framerate of around 64fps, in a battle with 3 CPU players, but interestingly most of the load in the CPU was in Core 1, which was a common behavior for Homeworld 2 but not for Remastered.

This other one is from 3 days before the patch:

This shouldn’t be exactly comparable for various reasons, also in the first half of the graph I was running a benchmark, anyway, I want you to see the behavior of the CPU graphs, from the yellow line onwards you will see that the Core loads are much more even, and this was a very common behavior of the pre-2.0 HWRM.

This is mostly speculation, since I haven’t tested it enough yet, but I clearly noticed that there was an improvement in smothness in the 2.0, frametimes and framerates were more consistent but not actually higher than in the pre-2.0, where you would find higher framerates but more inconsistency. But the dependecy mostly 1 CPU cores rather than the others could cause that the game slows down more once it becomes saturated, but maybe all that I said is all nonsense, but the graphs are very intresting, showing that there was a definitive change in the way to handle loads.

The first graph is after the patch, or do you mean something else?

The ‘game’ only runs, only ever ran, on one core. One. We don’t pick which one, your OS does. That includes HW2C, HWRM 1.0->2.x.

The audio uses a few extra threads, as does some of the FX updating - but that’s it. 2.0 is substantially more optimized than 1.0 was, as we were rightfully worried that the massive changes to systems for formations would burn way more CPU. We actually did quite a bit to mitigate that though.


Oh, haha, sorry. I completely misread that. I read that as “HWRM release day”. Please disregard.

BitVenom and I had a conversation about my own personal experience with 2.0/2.1. As I discovered, Homeworld doesn’t like my default or auto over-clock AMD CPU/Motherboard BIOS settings. My Motherboard’s “default” setting is a benign enabling of over-clocking. The manufacturer calls it “Turbo.” Obviously, I turned it off among many other settings.

Despite that, I didn’t realize my core and voltage settings were set to “Offset (+).” Application Power Management was also enabled by default; I turned that off, too. Turning these features off ended any lag of mine. The offering I have for you is to check your BIOS settings or update the BIOS if you need to.

Out of curiosity, why did you disable Turbo for your CPU? I haven’t used an AMD chip since 2004, so I don’t have any recent experience, but in the Intel world, keeping turbo boost on is virtually essential unless you’re going to set a permanent overclock or manually set the clock to full speed all of the time.