Is there a way to skip normal mode?

So I had my friends power level one of my characters and I am in normal node. I am one shooting everything and I was just wondering if there was a way to skip to TVHM or UVHM if your a level 72 on normal. I really don’t want to run through the story over and over until it finally gets challenging.

No. Only way is to play through the story. That’s the negative to powerleveling.

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Damn I basically did that for nothing. There’s no fun one shotting everything

In your situation, I’d probably start a new character and use the level 72 one as extra storage. If you you have a second profile, you could start a new game in that and just park your level 72 character in it while you go through the game. That way your main character would at least get through normal and true without you having to think to much about it. Once you get through TVHM, you can do UVHM at level 72 with your main character. Hope all that makes sense!

Ya it all makes sense but I only have one PSN account so I don’t know how I would do that. That’s a good idea though.

Not sure how PSN works but I have 2 360 accounts- my original Day One account and the second one I created when I got a new 360. Since I’ve long forgotten the password for my original account I use it to store mules and as the second player for when I want to increase the difficulty (I’m usually a solo player). If PSN doesn’t allow for 2 primary accounts on the same machine does it allow for guest accounts to be made?

or instead of starting a new toon just run through the main NVHM and TVHM storyline, forget the side quests, won’t take long. UVHM will scale to your level

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yeh, but guest saves go away on logout or power down. a 2nd login and psn accpunt are needed for a persistent mule account. no need for it to have ps plus.