Is there a way to turn off the Marcus dialouge when scrolling through characters?

Just gets a little annoying after awhile


Sadly no.

got anoying after 2 times… but GB doesn’t care for QoL…

Should be a way to turn off all dialogue so you can run through the game faster.

I wish there was. I’m confused as to why they even added it. I don’t recall anyone asking for this. It’s just extra code and processing in a game that is already taxing my console. And when I’m scrolling through several characters, because the inventory management system is nonexistent, it sounds like he’s having a conniption.

More and more I find myself reaching for the mute button. It’s sort of a fail when players don’t want to listen to the audio in a game.

A mech a mech a mech a mech a mech a mech a mech a mech soldier


Not a first weird decision.

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It’s nice for new players when they select character at the bus, after the intro. It probably occurred to them you can also choose your first character from the menu, and wanted to provide the same brief intro, but didn’t have time to make it not play for non-new players.
Maybe one day they get around to changing it, but no doubt they already have quite the to-do list.