Is there an amazing M4 Zane build without the barrier?

I use Seein’ Dead COM (ofc) and the Drone + the Barrier.

It’s very strong and steamrolls M4, but the visual from the barrier gets annoying after a while. Is there a similarily strong build without it out there?

I usually play Fl4k so I really have little clue about in-depth Zane builds.

I’ve only ever seen one person using a drone/clone build (in Slaughter Shaft), and it didn’t seem very effective to me. They kept dying. A lot.

One thing you could try is to keep the barrier static - it doesn’t obscure your vision nearly as badly. If you’re running Violent Momentum, you’ll still need to move around inside a lot to maintain the movement/damage bonus. Personally, I suck at it, so I only drop my barrier situationally, such as if there’s a big AE barrage coming my way (e.g. Wotan) to keep the splash damage away from me.

But if there is an effective build without the barrier, I’m sure one of our resident experts can chime in with the details.

You can use drone+clone with facepuncher and cutpurse for a tediore reload build if you like that playstyle. I used this for a long time and it was very efficient.

Who is this poor wretched soul? :grin:

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I’ve been finetuning a Clone/Drone build over the last couple of days, and it destroys M4 (where i tested it). Haven’t done the raid with it for now, but with some more tuning I think it should be more than capable of doing it.

My build abuses the ‘After swapping places with Digi-Clone - 130% increased weapon damage.’ annoint and my clone using Face Puncher+Cutpurse so I never run out of ammo. Mostly using Vladof weapons, since I have a good Seeing dead com wich boosts vladof weapons. Main weapons are Face Puncher (for the clone), Ion Cannon, Dictator, Lyuda, Ion Laser and then some Meta guns like Cutsmans, Brainstormer, … depending on the situation I’m in.

Maybe you should try going that route. It’s pretty fun if you ask me.

This is what I run on M4. Works pretty well over all. I was able to to solo the Takedown pre nurf.

Using Drone Clone is actually quite effective with the right grenade and the right set up. One of the key factors is your grenade. A Recurring Hex will proc your kill skills and can help dish our major damage. Doing Boom Enhance is fairly Important for your Clone survival. You never want that clone to die from enemies. His duration shouldn’t be a problem with Borrowed time and Good Misfortune.
Old U can be used in an emergency to pick yourself back up but this means you need to wait on the CD.

I use the Re-Charger shield, Hex grenade, Ice Breaker Otto Idol, Seein Dead obviously. For gun I use a Maggie with the Cryo damage while drone is up, same with a Brainstormer, Scorgue that has 130% damage on Clone swap. 4th gun I swap all the time.

That’s a build I made abusing the recursion. However it’s full cheese being the recursion and if you don’t want to run that I’d suggest the same build with different weapons. Possibly swapping the big boom blaster for sitorak if you want to be slightly tankier. But the concept is there, cycling clone for action skill end anoints on shield and nade, and using sntnl for 100% cryo.

There’s a pretty amazing Scourge/Nukem build that doesn’t use barrier on ThiccFilA’s Youtube.

I’ve personally used a cutpurse victory rush/facepucher tediore build that facerolls everything just as fast as the banjo build with seein dead com. I use a victory rush than a deathless for him just because Salvation proccs 100% of the time for him so with a Tediore build he can actually run healthgating. I run the shield for it though, as it’s too good to give up. But you don’t have to aim for Tediore builds for the most part with homing/mirv. The shield doesn’t stay up 100% of the time with my build as I don’t run CCC or the other action skill upkeep skill. That’s okay with me though, as I have on ASE splash damage for my shock everblast for burst. The clone chucks a million p*ss grenades with 25% grenade throw with seein dead, and is equipped with the facepuncher to keep me topped off and constantly throwing Tediores without switching to the facepuncher myself. He’s personally the best at Tediore chucking IMO. Has reload speed skill, can have clone gain ammo for him, can run healthgating, use ASE annoints efficiently, and an impenetrable shield.

What I’d like to know, does the 100% Sntnl annoint cause self damage on tediore splash? Haven’t found a 100% sntnl everblast homing/mirv to test. I remember the terror cryo not causing self damage, but if the sntnl doesn’t kill me, I’d drop the shield for sntnl in a heartbeat and try running good-misfortune.

No idea. This was probably a month or two ago. He was some random_guy_02 in the match. But I initially thought it cool he was running a different build than me, until I kept having to scramble over his way to revive him whilst dodging anointed CoV.

it was me and also kbk did the same run

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Not many. I play Clone and Drone myself but I’m not on a very viable build and only really play M4 if I need to in order to get a drop. I recommend you check out ThiccFilA who is pretty much the only content creator I can think of who specializes in Zane and doesn’t only make barrier based builds.

All I can tell you is that Clone&Drone Zane is hell of a lot of more fun than anything that involves the barrier, at least in my humble opinion.

Zane with clone and drone absolutely wrecks slaughter shaft mayhem 4, I’m not afraid to admit I’m not the best at these games but that build with Zane is the only one I’ve never gone down with once.

There’s no need at all for the barrier when I’m zipping around the enemies at a million miles an hour, my clone is deployed with a x14 Brainstormer so none of the baddies have any shields and my action skills never go down, if anyone even dares to fire at me I swap places with the clone which procs my buffs and makes them agro the clone instead.

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I think they would need to boost that weapon swap damage anoint to at least 200% before it became on par with the Sentinel cryo anoint, that has 100% up time so it easily beats out a 130% additive boost that is conditional on you swapping constantly.

Agreed, it could use a boost in dmg for sure, maybe also the duration of it, maybe upto around 15-20 secs. After playing around with the build a bit more yesterday, it shines with launchers for sure. Lumps and Ion Cannon. Pretty much destroyed M4 SS. Haven’t tried Tediore chucking with him though. I see in this thread it’s pretty good, might have a go at it today.