Is there an definitive list of Ops Points awards?

Aka what level each ops points tier gives? Like skins/taunts/commander pack/etc?

If you check challenges in the command menu, you can find out all of that cool stuff :slight_smile:


I believe you get the three tauns (Attikus, Oscar Mike, Deande) just from playing. Skin 1 at 40, Skin 2 at 85, Commander Pack at 100.

Every character gets those skins, at 40 and 85 ops points, but only those three get new taunts and S&A gets a title.

25: Title "Tempest Noir"
40: Skin 1
50: Taunts for 3 Oscar Mike, Deande, and Attikus and title "Slumlord"
60: One time Commander Packs
70: Title "Rebel Leader"
85: Skin 2
100: Title “Thrall of Thralls” and forever-redeemable Commander Packs

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Play as Ambra, Deande and OM and get the title “Femme Fatale?”

Like master chief he’s really a She lol :wink:

It took me all Sunday to prepare this…I didn’t get to play the Operation much at all :sob:

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