Is there an issue with dedicated drops?

So I have been farming Amach for 3 hours and not one unseen threat has dropped. There has been plenary of other loot, but not one unseen threat. Is anyone one else having issues?

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I wasn’t seeing very many Unseen Threat from Amach last night either. The drop rate seemed to be way lower than normal.

I’ve only ever seen the Unseen Threat once and I farmed that guy for a long time.

Yeah I agree. I mean I would have at lease 3 drop in 3 hours, plus I’m on console so the load times are silly

Yea there’s an issue. It’s called Brokenlands 3.


I slaughtered the dlc. Post may 7th and got purples and greens from all bosses. The most i seen was 1 lunacy and a bunch of flame diddles. Its ludicrous

I myself call it “Trollderlands”, with Trollbox’s patented tRollNG


I had to farm for 3 days to get a 300/90 Unseen Threat, and it’s literally useless in M10.

The dedicated drop rate only increased in Take Down. The rest must wait for patch.

They said that they raised it but people are reporting otherwise. It’s just like the previous hotfix where they said that they raised the drop rates but no difference was seen in the results. I asked Noelle specifically in the hotfix thread about what exactly they increased and she never replied. The drop rates are still terrible in mayhem modes, despite what GBX has said they increased.

Addressed a bug with Mayhem Mode that led to lower than intended drop rates for all Mayhem levels.

So far I have seen most of the gears tied to Valk and Wotan except Redistributor. However, anointments are another matter. Too much rng. World drops must be separated from dedicated drops. So that when we see legendary spilled out, it creates anticipation and excitement rather than disappointment.

I ran the true takedown 3 times on M10 last night.

The drops were terrible. I got a tiggs boom that I sold because it was a bad anointment.

The valkyries dropped me nothing remotely good for loot.

I’ll try again tonight.

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With every hotfix, my drops keep getting worse. After the patch yesterday, I’m getting 0-2 legendaries while farming Traunt and The Warden, with very few dedicated drops. Those few legendaries usually include an artifact and/or shield and/or class mod so I’m seeing very few weapons.

Last week I was still getting a decent amount of Kaoson to drop but now I’m getting very few.