Is there an MMR hell in this game already?

Because if there is I swear to god I’m in it. 6 losses in a row tonight. All but one of my games I had a CR 3-8 player that clearly did not understand basic gameplay mechanics or objectives in Overgrowth. EVERY TIME. People going 1-14-3 on Gal, 1-15-2 on ISIC. Who are these people and why are they getting matched with me as a CR 87 with over 130 PvP matches played so far?

And I know it’s not me, or at least not entirely me. I’ll have decent KDA every game, almost always have top minion builds, high/top shards, decent turret build numbers. Like what the hell else can I do?

Like…I’m generally a pretty non talking guy in games but I’ll admit I was getting quite frustrated to say the least today and let people know, probably not as constructively as I could have, what they were doing wrong and why they were bad. I apologize but god damn…need ranked play yesterday. At least there if I lose I’m hopefully losing with people who know how to play the map.

I’m seriously wondering if there is a Hell. All the beta players probably shot up really easily in the first few days of release and now they’re sitting there with 30 minute queues apparently and then there’s the flipside where it’s just…garbage after garbage.

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Game went on sale, and cr got inflated yesterday. Gonna screw huge mm up a bit. Been having the same issue. I’m pretty damn good, but I can’t carry the whole freaking match.

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As always in these topics CR is a horrible indicator particularly after the double xp setting. Where obviously lower level CR wont have as much in game experience its still a bad system to use for ranking

the elo is hidden for a reason.

k/d won’t be the only factor, wins will factor in too I bet.

Only thing I can advise you is to approach the decent players you encounter, add them and form small teams to queue. Every non-puggy player you have in team is worth this. With time you have a list of cool guys to tackle content, and you won’t be matched with possibly as many guys from hell ^^

What platform are you playing on?

This is on PC.

Yes I’m aware of CR not being a factor in MM but it is definitely a factor in how much experience they could possibly have.

I keep getting people who don’t seem to know you can spawn robots at all, or what Thrall camps are or even that you don’t need to hit the crystals to get shards, you just run over them.

CR is not an MMR indicator, but it is definitely an indicator of how familiar someone is going to be with the game, maps, heroes etc etc. I’m glad there’s new players but I already have a hard enough time trying to win when I seem to always get the DC or rage quitter on my team.


At least you’re not gettting matched up against teams of CR100s all the time.
P.S I’m only CR 50, but I do have a 90% winrate and a really high mmr is my guess…

IMO the double exp ruined the leveling system a bit… everyone hit 100 way too soon. :confused:
Only reason I didn’t hit 100 is cause I didn’t play.

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Yeah, experience was already easy enough to get. The die-hards all got to 100 pretty quick, and are now complaining that there’s nothing for them to do :unamused:

At first I thought it’s just 1-15 that’s easy to gain, but then afterwards the EXP required per level doesn’t change at all… so my reaction afterwards was just … “meh” each time I got a new level up, I don’t think it should have been that easy :confused:

As for “nothing to do”… Can’t wait for Ranked play. :smiley:

I have around a 93% win rate. My queues are incredibly long to the point I have been playing Smite the last couple of days with the new 3.8 patch on PS4 releasing on Monday. I only have so much time to play video games and until tournaments/ranked play is a regular occurrence, there is no point to constantly be sitting in a queue for over 15 minutes trying to find a match that ends in the other team surrendering within 10-15 minutes.

Fair point.

Consoles I think have it worse for MM.

Wait, what?

As a super casual I’m still pretty low level. But the amount of experience required to hit the next level doesn’t dramatically jump as you get higher?


Actually PS4 in my thought would have the highest playerbase right now overall between the 3 platforms. Its just that if i waited 15 minutes for a queue and it lasted 25-30minutes, then it would be worth it but at this point, my team and I might have a good balanced match 1 out of 10-15 matches. Just not worth the time investment right now. So either its playing Smite or private matches against other teams we know.

Yea to my knowledge it’s just 1000 exp everytime needed to level up.

That’s why for me for example, I gained a full level and a half of the next one when double exp was on… (one match)

That explains why everybody who had time to play a few games during double exp are all level 100 now. Dang, wish I was able to take advantage of it.

It will pass. I hate losing as well, but I have had streaks of up to 8 losses, and streaks of up to 8 wins. Recently, I was matched in a random group against a premade team of 5. Their total CR was about 200 more then ours and we wrecked them so hard! You never know.

I’m on XB1 and have a pretty high win percentage; get games in no time. Meltdown can get a little long 5-10 minutes, but usually if I clear my cache it gets better. I do play solo though.

Even then is a 10 minute queue worth the 10 minute match before a surrender comes along? I know I am probably in the minority. Why I havent focuses super hard on playing matches lately. More so learning maps, callouts, working on team combos, etc. Stuff like that.

Yeah I see your point. Usually i reset and it brings it down to normal. However, I never have this problem in Incursion, only in Meltdown. Maybe because my win % is higher in Meldown? Not sure? Can’t wait for Ranked Play though.

I’m pretty sure that new players are assigned a mmr when they first join PvP. If your won/loss rate puts you near the MMR assigned to new players you will be matched up with and against them. I think the new player MMR might be set a bit high.