Is there an organized list of title difficulty?

I am wondering if there is an organized list of title difficulty that ranks the title based on the achievements you’ve accomplished? I have done a little searching but could not really come across an over all view of the titles rather than a few focused tips of specific titles. Thank you in advance and I apologize if this is in the wrong category or I missed something blaententy obvious, this is my first time really using something like this.

I don’t think so, but i know someone who’s the guru of this kind of thing. Time for a "Kool-Aid’ call…
HEY, @lowlines! Can you help this gentleman out?

Hmm…that sounds like something that would be dependant on what a person classifies as “difficult”. Stuff like “Angel of Death” require A LOT of Battleborn kills, but as long as you play the game, you will unlock it over time (a very long time), whereas a “Win as x character 10 times” varies on which mode and difficulty you are playing.

If this is something people want, I could add like a star rating to my Career Titles page, but it be up to the community to set the guidelines of what each difficulty should be etc.

Here is my anecdotal list (may be biased since I only have a handful of titles left to get).

1/ Fours sensitive: 25 quads… are you kidding me? I’m a pretty solid player and I have 1 quad in 450 hours of playtime.
2/ Three Sum: 25 triples… are you kidding me? Actually this one is nowhere near as bad, some characters are very well suited to this (El Dragon, Orendi, Phoebe) but it’s still situational. I have 17 triples so far.
3/ Exterminator: 25 sentry kills without getting hit by it, at all. NOT easy by any stretch. Any balanced incursion match it becomes very difficult to take down a sentry at all, much less without attracting any aggro. I’m at 9/25 for this.
4/ Pentastrike: Sounds hard on paper, but it’s entirely situational. Orendi pillarstorm in the right time and place should net this, but I haven’t managed it yet.

Others that are higher tier of tough.

Team mated: Capturing all 3 pads from neutral before the enemy team can get 1 in capture is… hard. Even when coordinated it’s very difficult to secure the point closest their spawn since they throw so many resources at it. Even if you kill them all the 1 minute timer often elapses. (Note that getting the basis for team mated will set you on course for old man cranky, which is not actually that hard to get in a lopsided match.)

The second mouse: A new one, but terribly designed. Kill 10 battleborn depositing masks. This requires you to not do the logical thing of stopping them through CC or quick melee knockback, but try to burst them down mid deposit. Counter intuitive and requires the enemy to either not notice or not care that you’re killing them, since most will jsut stop depositing once they start getting hit. A truly STUPID IDEA that actually makes me mad.

Bada bada boom: This one just takes a game that goes the full 30 minutes, which is probably the hardest part. Still, netting 12 ult kills in one match is tougher than it sounds. I had to make a build and focus specifically on this goal to make it happen. I used Rath with firmware update and bola’s target finder. Power levelled to 5 and did nothing but go for ult assassinations then spam skills to get my cooldowns lower.

As @lowlines said though difficulty is relative to the person. If you can’t land a jumping volley kill then master of thorn will be hard for you.

Well the basis of my question came from perusing through my titles after being sick of always having a master of “instert name here” combined with no longer having a players rank displayed I wanted to rep other achievements I have obtained. I found myself spending way longer than I’d like to admit trying to find the right one to display when I finally gave in and went with the “Always Late” title for 1000 assists. Now, I’m not to sure if that is the most recent title for assists as I have well over a thousand assists but not the 10,000 needed for the “Medicinal Use Only” title. After searching in game I headed straight here to see if there was a flow chart of titles that displayed what you needed for each and what the progression on each category was, such as a title between “Always Late” and “Medicinal Use Only”. Since there doesn’t seem to be anything like that I think I may take the liberty over the next week or so and come up with a sort of rough draft and upload it to gauge reactions and see what people think or to see if that’s something people would find useful. If anyone has any opinions or would like to throw their two cents in I am all ears as this will now consume most of the free time I have!

@John_Waz1 I have this, which is currently missing DLC titles (for now)…

I have been considering updating this to split titles into categories and add the ability to check them off like other stuff on my website. I’m open to ideas if there are ways I could make it more useful :wink:

I use whatever title suits my fancy that day. This new trend of trying to make assumptions about your opponents before the match starts based on their title now that CR is hidden is kinda silly. I’m not just gonna slap my hardest title on and keep it there indefinitely so the game lobby can feel okay/bad about playing with/against me.