Is there an ultimate weapon Guide by type?

I was wondering if anyone has produced a guide that lists out a weapon type say shotgun, by manufacturer, then the actual different versions of that weapon within that manufacturer. I was looking for all the shotguns made by Hyperion last night, and a description of them. Found various bits of information but nothing complete. I am sure it exists, can anyone point me to the right place?

Now you may ask why I would like to know this? Despite playing a lot of BL2, you tend to look for the same weapons for each character class, especially as you get to the higher levels. I wanted to have a little more fun by trying out some lesser known versions of things like shotguns and AR.

i have seen a list of all uniques (red text gears).

here it is.


The wiki has manufacturer pages if you’re not aware ( I’ll understand if you say : thanks Captain Obvious ).

For example, the Hyperion page has all weapons, grenades, COMs, shields

This also has good info - again, may not be what you’re after


Whenever you get your hands on a weapon with red text (ignore, if you can, the rarity… that can artificially alter your expectations about the weapons’ capabilities), keep it, and give it a spin. If it seems lackluster, ask about it. If it seems overpowered, still ask about it. As someone who uses every piece of red-texted piece of gear in the game, I can tell you that almost every single one of them is capable of killing enemies without much issue in UVHM and into the early OP levels; it’s up to you to decide if it’s fun to use. Some of them have fairly arcane yet powerful gimmicks that are fun to work around; some of them are just slightly improved versions of a similarly-parted weapon.

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Thanks… After countless hours I have used nearly all the red text stuff, and the truth is, after awhile, you tend to use the same go to guns, depending on character. Like so many others, I have countless toons, all with differing builds and weapon designs at different levels.

I don’t like in your face play styles( though do use sniper Assassin), but after beating UVHM with all but Sal/Kreig decided its time to get them out of the box and learn how to play them. After reading everyones comments and tips about play styles, i was wondering what types of weapons i have ignored over time, always using red text but never exploring others. For Sal, I was looking at Hyperion shotguns, which in turn made me think about all non red text shotguns and where to find a good description about them more easily.

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[quote=“smithoz2000, post:5, topic:1560687”]where to find a good description about them more easily.
[/quote]The wiki is a decent place to start (scroll down to the BL2 section).

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