Is there any chance we could get a lv54 increase instead?

its only 1 point but it allows for 2 capstones, wich is significant for alot of characters. 3 points wont help too much compared to having gear underleveled at 50. the difference in power on gear from 50 to 53 is probably bigger than the difference in having 3 more points.


The whole point of the 3 level increase is to avoid having two capstones. GB hasn’t figured out their endgame balance yet. This is the stopgap to give them time to figure it out, especially with their future plans of new content.


That’s the whole point? That’s it? I don’t get it. If that’s the only point, they can already do that right now. So by this reasoning it looks like a wasted effort?


This is my thought on it as well. Too many balance issues still for them to want to give two capstone abilities. Makes balancing more difficult.

Betting that behind the scenes, they wanted to give us something that would reset the overall meta and force new griding while they work on talent tree changes. I wish it was 54 too, but I see what they’re doing.

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They can’t do that now, they haven’t done enough testing with what is coming up so it is a work in progress adding on to the game. We don’t know if there will be a 4th skill tree added in at some point and perhaps they are trying to test with that.
It is clear that some folks in the community have been asking for a level increase. Others do not want an increase because of the homogenization of builds, the issue of grinding for new loot at a higher level, or the unbalancing of the character classes at the endgame.
Adding three new levels while avoiding the problem of having a character with two capstones is their solution until they solve how they want their endgame balanced.

They can do it right now. Who’s able to hit two capstones right now (without these three extra levels)?

Can you explain how they CANT do it right now?

I think there has been a miscommunication here.
GB doesn’t want us to reach level 54 yet because they haven’t properly tested having two capstone characters yet. When they have figured out some solutions, they will raise the level cap. The three level increase is to appease those that have been asking for a cap increase while also not being a potential detriment to their game.
If GB wanted to, they could let us be level 100 but for the reasons I stated above, they are playing it cautiously with how powerful characters become later in the game.

Ok thanks for the clarification.

Well if they raised it to 54, we could technically test the two capstones for them like everything else we tested. Just sayin.


then why bother with 3 ? this makes no sense

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The reason being is to appease those who have been asking for a level cap increase. I think they’ll also use this time as a way to see what happens meta wise.

Exactly, players are too used to how OP builds were on BL2. GB doesn’t want a repeat of a high percentage of players rocking the same builds, weapons and shields hence the nerfs, buffs and general optimisation.

Then they could have just delayed the level cap increase till they figured it out? Or just increase the level cap by 4 then adjust things as they go, as they have done in the past 20 patches/hotfixes? Its pretty much inevitable the level cap was eventually gonna raise all the way to 60 and likely 70 and beyond - and they would have to deal with whatever balancing issues then.


Raising the level cap by 3 will not appease anyone. Those that wanted a level increase wanted to hit 2 capstones, hence asking for a level increase. Actually, and i count myself among them, those that wanted a level cap increase wanted 5 to 10 more levels, to justify farming new gear and exploring new build variety.
3 levels will add no new build variety apart from maybe adding vampyr to some Moze builds and more damage to CCC Zane builds.
It will require farming new gear for those that will want to take on the True Takedown mode scaled to 4 players, and that is not something a majority of the community wants to do acter farming the frenzy event the last 2 weeks.
What this increase shows is that they will do it again in 30 days or so, negating the need to farm for everything and instead farm for very specific meta items, ie brainstormer, maggie, lyuda, transformer and cutsmans. Everyone, well not everyone but a majority of people, will just run those items until we get a substantial increase in level and a coear road map of when the last level increase will be implemented so refarming all our gear will be worth it.


I’m curious who these people are who have so much influence over GBX’s decisions and think 3 more skill points is really what the game needs right now. For what it’s worth, none of the major streamers seem to support the decision.

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I absolutely see what they are doing…I understand it completely.

I just absolutely, positively DISAGREE with what they are doing.

In for a penny…in for a pound…

either give a somewhat meaningful cap increase that justifies the additional work required to level up and even…possibly…min max

Or don’t.

3 does not
4 kinda makes sense and hits all buttons without breaking anything…really how would two capstones break Moze?..or Amara?..or Zane?..or Fl4k?


Folks…newsflash…we are in serious deep kimshee…

Love letters like today I can seriously do without…

Smells waaaay to much like Bungie and Destiny 2 shennanigans…


I’m not taking sides here of whether or not GBX should or should not have raised the level cap, that’s beyond. I’m merely trying to provide what I think is their reasoning behind their decision to do so.
You can read numerous threads on this forum that have asked for level cap increases of various sizes. Whether or not you agree with these people is up to you same as if you decide to agree with a major streamer.

Sure, they could have, but I guess this is their solution. Whether or not you agree with it is up to you.

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Absolutely true…well said.

I don’t agree with it and I think there is a majority who don’t agree with it. (I could be wrong of course)

but either way…GB needs to hear from us whether pro or con.

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