Is There any decent Sniper rifle after the last patch?

i main Fl4k and I always played sniper builds. Before the last patch, sniper rifles were the most weak weapon type but some of them were viable for builds like fade away or rakk attack Fl4k (i used Unseen Threat). After the last patch that nerfed Recursion and a lot of weapons, i can’t find any sniper rifle that has a decent DPS and is viable for a Mayem 10 build. Do you know any weapons i could use? I agree they needed to nerf recursion, but why nerfing so many good weapons? Right now the game has so much guns and so few of them are still good.

Why restraining it to sniper? What WEAPONS are actually good currently?

Not a lot


If you want to try out Maliwan for a change of pace the Krakatoa and Fire Storm snipers wreck health based enemies. You’ll have to experiment with The Hunt trio and might get some useful ones from them. Can’t imagine the damage one with 300/90 and triple stacked crit could do.


Sandhawk and Kratakoa still will murder basically anything, though the Sandhawk uses copious amounts of ammo and the Kratakoa can only come in fire.
Complex Root might also still be good, though I’ve heard varying reports on that one. Basically, the only snipers that really took a major hit with the updates are the ones relying on bonus elemental projectiles aka the Unseen Threat and the Headsplosion.


I used the Complex Root to take out M10 Graveward. But I do think that sniper is very situational. I saw a video of a Moze doing crazy things with a Rad version of the Complex Root.

Honestly I barely use snipers at all. The Maliwans seem to be the best right now but I hate the charge up time on them.

Skullmasher still mashes!

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I mostly use Complex Root. It still works very well on all VHs.

Yeah, I think right now is the best sniper rifle, for my personal taste i would prefer a long range “classic” sniper like unseen threat or wedding invitation, i don’t like maliwan burst snipers, but I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the advices guys, i’ll also try the hunt and the skullmasker. I hope that the developers will adjust the damage of the other snipers and guns as soon as they can, it hurts to see so many weapons useless in Mayem 10 :worried:

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This game definitely has some problems with sniper rifles though. In previous iterations there were versions of sniper rifles that can kill trash mobs in one shot. I think they should bring that back for certain guns. Example, undo the unnecessary nerf to Lyuda, or buff it more. Let people have the satisfaction of single fire kills.

It’s sorely lacking in bl3


I totally agree. I’m looking for that gameplay style in BL3, (as it was for Borderlands 2 with Lyuda, Pimpernel and so many other sniper rifles). Right now the problem that keeps me away from the game is the lack of viable guns, that is more evident with sniper rifles.

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I was a pretty avid user of the Complex Root before the patch. While it’s still OK, it is not nearly as good as before and definitely a lower-tier weapon. It does good with Amara using TTB but that’s about it.

You are definitely correct on the Sandhawk, it’s a limited-use murder machine. Haven’t used the Krakatoa but I’m eager to try one out now.

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Have you tried these? If you back an Unseen Threat up with as much oomph as you can (Fade Away, Amp shield, relics/COMs/grenades with relevant modifiers/anointments, skills like The Fast and the Furryous, Hidden Machine, Ambush Predator, Grim Harvest, Galactic Shadow, The Power Inside, others that fit your playstyle), one can legit do one-hit ranged sniping while maintaining stealth through most local mobs. (Probably not going to get you through a Slaughter unless your stealth game is really on point, nor a Takedown, but crawling through locals on most maps with this works fine.) Rolls like Holy Crit for your Very Hard modifier help. I’m one-shotting my way like this at MM10 through the Bounty of Blood story mission(s) in Ashfall Peak, and haven’t been seen outside of a surprise spawn or two). Clearing out mobs without them becoming aggro is incredibly satisfying for me.

If you’re serious about stealth, I recommend re-specing and not selecting a pet, as they have no chill when it comes to this sort of thing. Also note that if you fire your third shot out of Fade Away with the Unseen Threat and become visible, you’ll be seen once you materialize. To do the stealth thing, take your first two shots and get behind cover (or use Guerillas in the Mist if you don’t need the extra crit damage in your equation here), but don’t let them see you.

edit - crap, missed a non-aggro guy up in the bushes while freeing Titus from jail and when I became visible, he saw me. I mean, I didn’t die, and I got the drop on him, but no perfect score for me on that mob. :confused:

2nd edit - also, Titus just steamrolled into the next mob, so they’re all aggro to start. :laughing:

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Complex Root has incredible damage output. However if you build has a good amount of + splash radius you’ll find yourself having to duck behind cover immediately after firing it or you’ll down yourself. Or in the case of my Moze build, not ducking in cover results in an instant usage of a second wind as I’ve basically hit everything within like 500 yards of the enemy I fired at.