Is there ANY ETA for the Badass rank transfer fix?

I feel like the devs here have been fair in their communication so far. It’s a shame the game was put out in this state however.

The last update came on the 26th with a fix being submitted for testing. Any updates on how the testing is going? Is it close to a fix? How far off are we…a day, a month?

Thanks in advance!!

I don’t have an answer for you but I am betting they’ll have a hot fix next week, I am pretty sure this bug is their top priority. The longer it takes the less this game will be played and the less sales they are going to get.

Yeah i keep checking hourly to see if there is any more news lol. hopefully will be soon.

Waiting for it to be fixed soon too. Only installed the games on hard drive.

Is all we know.

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Thank you for replying. I figured as much…it’s got to be a pain in the ass with these things. Test them, get it right, get it approved by your own company, then submit it to Microsoft/Sony…what a headache!!! lol

I’m just disappointed by this. Rather than act like a crybaby on here, I’m just stating my case. I do think this should have been tested and made sure it worked before the game hit the shelves. It seems most games that have come out this generation have been bugged to hell or just don’t work right! I guess though, with more technology comes more problems. I’m just venting really haha.

Some questions for you though. Let’s say I start a brand new game on BL2, level 1, new character and start playing.

1.) Once the badass rank is fixed up and I reupload my old save from XBox 360. will that affect the new game I created in any way?

2.) I’ll start earning a new badass rank on this new game (obviously) - does this “stack” when my real badass rank transfers over, or do I lose this new badass rank all together.

3.) Does this fix involve our loyalty rewards (keys, extra 5000 badass rank) or is that a whole other issue?

4.) Is it true when my original badass eventually gets transferred I get to spend all my tokens over again!!!? :smiley:

Thanks for your help and responses!!

I just hope this fix gets released soon. I have a badass ranking of nearly 60,000 on the xb 360 of borderlands 2. I got the collection because I never got around to playing the 4th season pass dlc and never bought the 1.5 game & didn’t bother with the headhunter DLCs. So everything released outside of Borderlands 2’s season pass and it’s preorder content is new to me. But it’s hard to be excited when my stats boost and all my unlocked skins (heads, colors, vehicle skins etc) are all missing. I had soooo many that my friends and I spent hours finding. And most of the vault symbols and skin locations, I don’t remember where they are.

I’m in the same boat as the OP, I’ve been anxiously waiting to get back in the Fray but its just not the same game without my 150+ thousand BA rank. Thankfully I’ve stopped checking hourly though & switched to every few hours :).

My worry is, I hope it doesn’t take up anymore internet.You see, I live out in the Boonies & we are Very limited on our internet selections. We only get a certain amount of data monthly & I already went over downloading the first updates, because I’m a Die Hard Borderlands fan :), but the over-charges are a serious kick in the nuts. I cant afford to be going over very much more than I already have. :frowning: