Is there any form of punishment for disconnecting?

I have had several matches in Meltdown and Incursion where a few of my allies disconnected for one reasons or another. Some may have been because of legit reasons: internet conking out, having to AFK for a family meal or chores, or because the game crashed. I have had these in the past (to which I am incredibly grateful that Gearbox implemented a function that allows you to reenter you previous game) and I understand if there extenuating circumstances. That being said there are still other times where players can and will rage quit out of spite and hamper a teams chances at any type of redemption in game. The bad thing is that this is a touchy and difficult subject to approach and enforce but I haven’t seen anything in regards to it, hence the topic.

Is there an talk about how to punish people who disconnect early in a match?

(As I state before there will be some instances where there is no malicious intent behind a disconnect, but there unfortunately no way to sift through legit disconnects and rage quits. So all disconnects must be seen and treated as a rage quit IF the player does not return to the match he left).

Well, as it stands, they can’t join a different match and get no rewards. To me, people who sit in the match and do nothing while waiting for the match to end are almost a bigger problem.


That is true. I have seen a couple people either sitting back at base or off in a corner. But there is a possibility that they are either waiting for allies to respawn or for someone to head to the lane they are trying to push (playing Devils advocate). More often than not it is that they are just standing there.

I think that the game proactively fights that. In matches you have ‘quests’ or ‘missions’ to kill ‘X’ minions, build ‘X’ turrets, receive or dish out ‘X’ damage. Completing these kinds of quest net you XP and for Commander and Character rank and currency. So sure you can lounge around not doing anything so you don’t get punished yet still get XP and credits, but it will be a LONG road ahead of you and that is almost as much as a punishment.

Nah, I meant I have seen someone sitting in base doing nothing except repeatedly calling for surrender. That kind of thing–no mistaking it for anything else.

That is the absolute worst. It’s bad sportsmanship. Surrender is only an option if the gap is too wide while missing players. If it’s 2v5 and 15-488 THEN it’s ok to surrender

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Well, I’m not a great player yet, admittedly, but I have been in games where the team was losing pretty handily but I got something out of it by learning how to deal with different situations. For instance, making a desperate attempt to stop a group of minions from scoring right on top of the grinder.

Besides, the longer the match goes, the more XP everyone gets, which I like.

I’m not that great either, so you’re not alone. yeah, the more active you are in a match, the more XP and credits you get.

This is actually a great question!
I only played story missions (alot) so far, but I asked myself the same thing - in every mission with disconnects we only hit a bronce medal, no matter how great the team worked together…
I really hope theres no punishment, no matter the mode. It would be just immensly unfair, both for the rest team and the poor one who got disconnected.
(We´ve bad internet connection here with high possibility for disconnects and I´d be damned if I ruin the fun for others in such a stupid way >.<)

Almighty @Jythri is there anything you could tell us in this regard? I bet at least you know someone who is supposed to know, you know? ^^

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I have been in a few PVP matches where there was a player who just sat in the back of the map and ran around doing nothing or simply ending up leaving the match. I think there should be some sort of punishment for players like this.

That being said, if someone does disconnect due to craptacular internet, they can easily reconnect to the game they were disconnected from. If the player does reconnect to the game then there should be no punishment.

If they do not reconnect then yes, i believe there should be a punishment.

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Same opinion here, but I think it would be a bit hard for people with a good-reasoned, accidential disconnect (internet broke, house burns, girlfriend, ect…)

I only saw it once ingame, but as far as I know the team is able to flag a certain player - if the majoity wants him gone he gets thrown out. At least thats how it seemed to work.
Would that be an option in PvP-gameplay?

^ this. this is a good idea, a vote option is nice. However, like most options with good intentions go, there will always be a way for people to exploit it. This is still a good idea tho.


Doesn’t really accomplish much since that player can’t be replaced.

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This is a good point, all be it a separate one. They should allow a option such as ‘quick join’ which allows players to seek out games that have opening slots. But this might effect someone who was kicked from the game due to lousy internet and is trying to get back in and now cannot due to another person filling the slot, ultimately punishing the person who lost connection in the first place. This may require more thought…

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Definitely worth considering.

Plenty of threads on the subject, here’s 1 with @Jythri responding extensively:

Thing is, the way the system works there are no “empty slots” once the match starts, even on disconnect, it just reserves that slot for the player who left, & they can’t join any other match but that one. It has positives & negatives. Personally I wish you could fill in a roster spot for a match in progress, b/c they can go on for awhile & being down a man can be disastrous.

I suggested this as a form of getting people the quality play they need every match. If they reserve a spot for the player to return then make that so…all that needs happen is the AI spawns with the same skill sets equipped and plays the game out for the player. If that player joins back in then they have their spot back and the team still had a fighting chance. Keep it so that the player that leaves can join back in and no where else, but please implement this type of AI spawn instance.

This isn’t an impossible request. This type system was used on a last gen system IP…

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Its a neat idea - on the first sight. But the complexity of the game won´t leave this option. The big variety of characters and therefore situations already made Pet-classes impossible to include (Damage balance, Pet-AI-issues, ect…) The AI they could serve would be only a reminiscent shadow of a real player - like the Jack-doubles from BL:TPS. And in comparison BB is alot faster and bigger (more enemy-.spawns, horde waves, 4 teammates) its a bit much to trace and cope for a game-AI.

I fully understand the complexity of the AI needing to handle themselves. Did you play the beta in the Private session with the AI? They stood their ground MUCH better than fighting 5v2…

Lock them out then. Let that be the penalty, but give the players an AI character to help out with JUST like in Private matches. They weren’t useless bots. That’s not hard and much better to have an AI character taking some attention from the players on the other team so that real players can maneuver without being double teamed constantly.


Ohhh wow, I did´nt played with AI´s , I did´nt even knew! Thanks for pointing that out - I´ll definately try it, I´m interested how well they implemented this. (Me and my fiance were wondering about the possibility of such a feature for long, I´m really surprised they did it! :D)

If its like that: Hell yes, awesome idea! Even if they do only 70% of the dmg of a usual real player its good enough to turn tides for the team.