Is there any Giant HP SHIELDS besides

Mendels and. Kriegs?

Alot of these items have hidden effects id like to know if theres any mega increase hp shields out there?

Im into dmg mitigation rough rider type shields. Unfortunately i dont like the roughrider in bl3.

I like to be able to tank n take bullets n lifegate

You can potentially get a triple rolled turtle madcaps, that will get you around 113k. I have one that I use on my Amara urad deathless build and I sit at just under 300k… Only one hp point… But 300k is insane.

Thankyou but thats the opposite of what i want lol. I want actual hp not shield

My bad lol…

Think the highest would be from 2x Healthy Plus Ultra should be +125%. Then Limit Break gives +100%, both from DLC4. Triple Healthy purple shields or Old God/Gas Mask, Mendels, double healthy Band of Sitorak, Adrenaline Initiative all +50% hp.