Is there any good reason to deny part of the players Toby?

Some of the pc players also want to play him in the beta and I’m sure for x-box to.
He wasn’t even the last introduced character so he should be ready on all systems.
Its like they just toke something away from some players to sell it as bonus for the ps4.
And I don’t now why ps4 players need to get more than the rest.


Money, I suspect. I’m sure this is part of a lucrative marketing deal. A game like BB costs a LOT of money to make. GBX and 2K need to do everything they can to get a return on their investment. If this little marketing stunt ensures that they start to recoup thei outlay up-front, so be it. It increases the likelihood of GBXs continued existence and, hence, the development of BB and future games.

Lets face it, the open beta only lasts a few days. If the game is a success, it will need to be supported for a number of years. If a very short term inconvenience helps with that long term support, I’ll live with it.


So the money of pc or x-box players is worth less than on ps4?
Also the wish to make a game successful does not justify to cut away content for some.
Because its just for the beta it is on a very small scale but the general direction is awfully similar to other game publishErs thAt everyonE hAtes.


Sony paid, Microsoft didn’t I guess

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Nope but the open beta isn’t costing us a penny (I’m a PC gamer, incidentally). GBX/2K have obviously decided to take a risk with this strategy. I’m sure they realise that some people, like yourself, won’t like it. On the other hand, there are folk, like me, who are happy with the other 24 characters for a beta, knowing everything will be theirs in May :slight_smile:

They obviously feel that they will gain more money, and possibly PS4 players, though this deal with Sony than they will lose from the rest of the potential player base. I bet a lot of people annoyed at this decision will still go on to buy the game. I’m sure they took all these things into account when they made this decision.

As for future direction, GBX have stated that additional characters will be free to all platforms to maintain balance in PvP. Paid-for DLCs willl be campaign maps and cosmetics. Perhaps they will do a u-turn in the future but right now it seems that the PS4/beta deal is a one-off.


It’s the first time I’ve seen gbx offer slightly different content across platforms in any game. But please remember that it’s only for a very short time.

And the fact that another platform gets it won’t affect your experience on the platform you use, as no-one there will have it either. For a brief period.

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To put this in relevance to the short time span or the small difference in contend does not change the fact that they don’t give some a bonus, they simply take stuff thats part of the game and ready to play away from us to form some kind of illusion of a ps4 bonus.

“In bird culture, this is considered a dick move.”

Everyone suspects that sony offered a reasonable sum of cash. So they basically went to 2k gbx and said, hey we believe your game is going to be great so we want to make sure the incentive to play the system on is ps4, what can we mail out. Microsoft presumably did not do that

No offense dude, but you’ve done nothing but complain. You complained about dlc before details were even spelled out and now you’re complaining because you won’t have access to 1 out of 25 characters during the beta, not even the actual game.

Don’t sweat the small stuff dude.


Personal attack to debilitate an argument, poor style,
I hope an admin takes care of it before i have to burrow in your epic post history.

I’m going to agree with DonnyD. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s already been explained why Toby is exclusive (in only the beta). But a warning for you, yes he’s talked badly about you cux but it sounds very much you’re making a threat (which is reprimandable by moderators as well). So let’s get back on topic guys.

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Not a personal attack. I’m stating facts. I saw you complain about the planned dlc literally hours before they even announced what they were doing. And now you’re comllaining about Toby being a ps4 exclusive for the beta. These are facts. I’m just trying to tell you not to worry about 1 out of 25 characters not being available in the beta. Its not a big deal in the big picture.

Btw, have at my post history. I’m a fairly friendly guy.

Ok, since the mods seem to think its ok that you discus the viability of my concern over my person I have to defend myself.
At first I (and others) was complaining about the missing official statements on dlc’s, and a day after that they made one, maybe, just maybe because of the complains.
And Second you started only one thread where you complain about the lack of supporters in the peacekeeper faction, so who are you to judge?

And to say at least something on topic, if you try to convince someone to play the game, who wanted to play Toby but now have to say:”Sorry they don’t allow us to play with him, because they want the ps4 players to feel preferred.”
its totally helping to convince him that k2 is not repeating any Evolve mistakes.

I think you should give us a little more time to respond to flags before replying yourself.

The bottom line is this: talk about the game, not other forum users. This applies whether or not others follow the rules. Thread closed. Because of the drama.


Please remember that the mods eat and sleep as well, and while we do have nearly 24 hour coverage there are times it takes us a moment to deliberate on what must be done.

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