Is there any info on how class mods will work this time?

I noticed some weapons can have skill modifier on them, and I thought this was going to be a class mod schtik, but that doesn’t seems to be the case… so how are they gonna work in this game?

Are they gonna work similar to the previous games?

So I take nobody knows and that there is no info available yet?

I hadn’t sen anything on it yet, but I know gun cards look extra loaded and tasty.

Wish I could throw more at you but I’ve been avoiding gameplay trailers like the plague in case they actually have story bits in them.

Yeah. I’m also trying to avoid any gameplay video/stream to avoid spoilers, which is why I wanted to ask here.

Hopefully we’ll get more info on them before launch!

We haven’t seen a lot. I don’t think there’s been any footage where we can actually look at a class mod. One thing that might be changing is the way class mods work with skills you haven’t specced into yet – it’s possible they will let you boost a skill without putting a point in it.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Kinda still speculation on my part though, but “unlock skills that might not otherwise be known” has to mean something.


My assumption is like the flat buffs that you’d get on old school flat mods that weren’t skill based - the SMG damage on cat class mods, for instance.

Then again everything I’ve seen about the gun cards has blown everything I’ve known about previous BL games out of the water. You don’t think they’d hard code in secret augments/as skills?

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait… Skill bonuses from class mods now UNLOCKS skills you haven’t learned???

Do you guys have any idea on how GROUNDBREAKING this is??? Holy ■■■■, that’s ■■■■■■■ awesome!


It would factually actually be the bee’s knees if that’s the case.

I’m holding off in case it’s just as stated, flat buffs, but adding more to the already wacky customization element seems awesome.

Well, I do think “skills” probably means something other than stat increases. I might still be putting the wrong 2 and 2 together though. If you think about BL2‘s legendary class mods, some of them had bonuses were kind of like a skill – for instance, the Legendary Siren giving you movement speed while an enemy was phase-locked. So maybe they will take that as the point of departure?

There could be a different explanation for the second image there. Maybe the skill still needs to be unlocked by spending 15 points in the tree, even if you don’t have to throw a point into it. Not sure. It’s from KillerSix’s FL4K skill tree video and unfortunately he wasn’t able to respec or look at the class mod…


I’ve watched a lot of streams and I’ve seen very little on class mods yet. I don’t think we have any info on how exactly they’ll work yet. But I love the idea of skills unlocking even if you haven’t put a point into them. Very cool.

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There is a non-specced skill with 1 point in the B pic.

Sounds ok If we do not get a new level cap.

There hasn’t been enough info on them to get a really good conversation going yet. I’m just hoping there like in 2 only they go even further, let you really get in deep with builds.

A little bit of info in this video. It seems that class mods can now power up capstone and game changer skills! How does that even work? I can imagine how skills work that give numerical bonuses like “Forceful Expression”, but how is a skill like “Blitz” supposed to work with multiple points? Or Fl4ks “Dominance”?

Relevant part starts around 1:35 minutes

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Did we ever get confirmation that class mods UNLOCK un-purchased skills? (IE from rest at 0/5 w/o class mod becomes 2/5, and you get those benefits)

I just unlocked Class Mods from getting far enough in the story yesterday, and while I can’t confirm at this point if they ever unlock any other skills or do anything special like that, I can say that they do seem to at least augment your existing skills that you unlocked in the skill trees.

Class mods DO give you use of skills you are not specced into. It is definitely an interesting change.

I tested on Moze with a mod that puts two points in a skill that increases how many grenades she can carry. I did NOT put any points in her demolition woman tree. Yet without the mod I have 3 grenades. With it I have 5. So it definitely works and is fun.

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Does anyone know if they stack beyond the total slots available? So for example you can put one skill point into Moze’s “Redistribution” skill, filling it to 1/1. Unlocking 3 seconds of ammo regen on a critical hit. But i have a class mod that adds another point. But the menu doesn’t acknowledge any power creep pattern (probably because it’s a single point skill). There’s no way to tell whether the second point adds another 3 seconds to that ability.

My current weapons are all slow firing hard hitting guns with small mags so it’s not immediately apparent whether i’m getting any additional ammo. For example my 10 round jacobs rifle only manages to regen a single round on a critical hit in 3 seconds, but it sometimes regens 2. So i can’t tell (until i get back in game and collect some “faster” guns that regen more per second) whether i’m getting 2 rounds on the 4th second or it’s just the game being weird and slipping in a second round in the last milli-second.

Can confirm they do. Wife is running moze w/ over max ‘thin red line’ she has 100% of HP reserved, and added to shields.

Thanks!, and this also includes not having bought grenade SDUs? (I assume so, just curious)