Is There Any Reason or Purpose to Play True Vault Hunter Mode?

As the subject says, is there any benefit to playing on TVHM?

To this point, I have played through on Normal and TVHM with 3 of the 4 characters. I am currently working to get my last character to level 57, and I really don’t want to complete the main game on TVHM if there is no reason. It really gets old.

Personally, I have seen no difference in difficulty, weapons, or loot when playing on TVHM.

So what is the general opinion out there? Do we need to complete the game on TVHM, or does Mayhem mode take its’ place?

Thanks for your responses.

I have personally went through normal mode 4x ( one for each character) and tvhm 2x. There is no noticeable difference in difficulty or loot quality in my opinion.

just unlock access to sanctuary, you can unload items by switching mode without losing farming location.
As for gameplay there is no noticeable difference.

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Oh yeah! That is useful! Tvhm is a great utility mechanic.

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In previous versions of Borderlands, there was a significant difference in difficulty, loot, weapons, and character level when moving to TVHM and UVHM.

Now, I just don’t see it. I just wish you could start a new character in TVHM

Mob level is the difference. With M turned off i don’t think you can level to 57 in normal mode, unless you run something like the cartel event which scales.

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Good question. I’m going through TVHM with Moze. I’m only going to finish it, because I started it. I see no real reason to do it, now that we have Mayhem. The drops are no better, and it’s all been done before.

My first and last time through

You absolutely can. No problem at all. That’s what I did with all my chars. Never even started TVHM. But by Gbx logic this will bite me pretty hard in the future, I guess

That’s one of my concerns also. What does the future hold? We already have situations where you have to play Mayhem 4 or 6 in order to get certain weapon drops. I suspect that at some point, we will need to be playing ion TVHM in order to get certain loot, or be able to play certain events.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about that. TVHM serves a purpose – to be able to reset your playthrough so you can replay the story and DLC scaled to your level – but Mayhem mode is the way to scale difficulty in this game.

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It’s there to give you a second shot (or multiple shots) at completing side quests and getting the associated reward at max level. Otherwise, no real reason to run TVHM imho.

They completely killed TVHM in every way. Not only does mayhem levels offer exact elemental bonuses, scaled enemies etc, all the mission rewards/mail weapons dont scale to mayhem so they are all trash at m10. On top of the fact that world drops in general are trash and the slightly increase in badass/annointed enemies doesnt really make up for drop rate differences.

The primary reason to play TVHM would be if you wanted higher level story mission rewards such as the Cloud Kill, which unless these gets major buffs in the next patch don’t have much value other than if you like to have a high level version of all legendaries/unique items.

It could also be useful if you want to farm a particular boss/area but don’t want to run through the map all the time. E.g., let’s say you wanted to farm the Agonizer 9000 but also want to go back to Sanctuary to swap gear, respec., etc. You could farm the Agonizer in normal mode, then switch to TVHM and go to Sanctuary or farm other areas. I did this during the Broken Hearts event–I would farm one area in Voracious Canopy (the same area people would farm during the Halloween event) and when my backpack filled up and I wanted to sell items or farm other areas I just switched to TVHM. That way every time I loaded the game in normal I was in the same spawn point at Voracious Canopy and wouldn’t have to run through the whole map again.


Thanks for the replies. That’s kind of what I was thinking. Two playthroughs for the same character.

It appears we are better off just using Mayhem mode and event/dlc

I finished on my way through with Moze. The final Tyreen/Destoyer boss dropped a single legendary relic. I wasn’t on Mayhem mode, I just wanted to get finished.