Is there any reason to choose child grenades helix upgrade?

The incdiary grenade seems so much better in basically every situation. Please tell me when the child grenades are a good choice.

Not really. The napalm is where it’s at can never go wrong with it. They even nerfed the Nades on nades by decreasing the damage of the initial impact of first grenade.

There is absolutely no reason to ever choose nades on nades. They are a straight up downgrade from the basic grenade. You lose the initial grenade damage and replace it with five grenades that go everywhere and do trivial damage. Try it in a solo campaign mission. It really is hilariously bad.

Fragcendiary on the other hand, seems to retain the original grenade damage and and 720 DOT on top.

Nades on nades needs a serious rework. It feels cheap when a character has such a no-brainer in their helix tree.