Is there any sane reason tier 2 skins are still not in the game?

I distinctly remember an official saying that they will be shipped along Alani. Welp, Alani is here, and all I see are reports of no one finding nothing new whatsoever.

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As far as we know, not yet
Maybe on the 31st when Alani is available to everyone

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The patch notes say they included new skins & taunts and that’s about it nothing specific on what tier skins or how to get them.

They are the skins and taunts that came with Alani. As in, Alanis skins and taunts.

Welp I wasted all my credits on Rogue Loot Packs then (’-_-)

That’s really sux man, I’m sitting on a pile of credits and faction packs myself, almost blew them all when patch came out, but decided to hold on to them and read if anybody been able to unlock a new skin at all.

I wasted all my hoarded commander packs too, before I read the fix to the update that they meant the Alani skins. Got too exited!

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As I understand it this is what was meant when they said they would release with Alani. Technically the ability to have her now is an early access deal. I’m expecting the new skins on the 31st.


Yeah, I too wasted a lot of credits buying up packs thinking new skins and taunts would be available. What a waste

Did the same saved up my commander packs and bought 30 eldrid packs when Alani came out. Got several skins and taunts I didn’t have but nothing really special. Got a ton of those damn commander coins pack things though…