Is there any sense of timeline for a PS5 save transfer fix?

Like many I have left the game because of the broken file transfer issues.

Was so excited to play on PS5, but the process is broken for me (erased all my guardian levels amount other things) and the save transfer fixes do not seem to be a priority for Gearbox.

Yes I know they are focused on a new season pass and paid upgrades, and trust me, would love to take part, but I find it odd that keeping everyone playing via polishing up the save transfer process is seemingly on the back burner.

Have not been able to play in months and have moved on to other games.

So…any word on a fix? Should I submit a ticket? Is there a real (non-hotfix) update in the works?


I wish I could tell you that reporting bugs and other issues actually helps…

… unfortunately after 8 months they still didn’t fix the bugs I reported with detailed descriptions and video examples.

I had high hopes for Borderlands 3 because BL1 and BL2 were so good at the time they came out. I’m deeply saddened that BL3 didn’t turn out as I thought it would. I’m disappointed in Gearbox and the lack of communication with the community. I don’t see Borderlands 3 being played for 8 years like BL2 which still has a strong community. BL3 isn’t even in the steam top 100 anymore.


I’ve moved on, I’ll not buy any more DLC’s until they fix this. I’m not going to waste the better part of a full year on my characters, guardian ranks, progress and achievements just to have it all flushed down the drain.

For me it is fixed since yesterday patch.

Ooh, maybe I’ll take a quick look then. Thanks for the info.

So Guardian ranks still not working and reset to 1
Bank stuff missing
Trophies didn’t unlock
Trophy progress now disabled because game reads them all as unlocked

Just curious but how is that working for you?

I have a character at 49 to test. After transferring my character, logged on to test character, hit level 50.

Level 50 trophy will not unlock obviously because my account now reads my max level character as having it unlocked already.

So business as usual and not working at all.

Trophies need to be done on new character.
Two of them are still bugged btw.

According to the faq they do not need to be redone, they will unlock with the transfer.

But it doesn’t matter because as soon as you do the transfer your account shows them as unlocked.

A new character cannot unlock them after the transfer.

Guardian ranks reset to 1. Bank stuff missing. Skins missing.

A big useless mess.

Nothing is missing if your character transfer correctly. Guardian Ranks are set to 1 but you keep the already invested points, which means more points cause you’ll be gaining levels faster.
Customizations and bank is transfered as well. Content from bank on PS4 will be added to content on PS5 if you have items in bank.

New character can unlock leveling trophies, and all the rest outside of locations discovery need to be done on new character.

Like I said, my new character cannot unlock trophies after the transfer. I used a new character to start unlocking trophies with, got tired of their incompetence and parked him a few kills off level 50. Level 50 trophy locked.

Do transfer. Hit level 50 with new character. No trophy unlock.

I prefer my UI to be functioning and looking unlocked as far a Guardian Ranks go. It’s obviously not functioning correctly after the transfer.

I’m missing stuff from my bank, quite a lot.

So what else is broken? If all that is still not functioning, why bother playing since most likely you’ll run into more roadblocks because of the messed up transfer.

You created new character after transfer or before? I wasn’t able to transfer single character to PS5 so I started from scratch in November. Parked my new VH before last boss around lvl 41. Then over month later was messing with the saves, so I deleted my profile on PS4 and finally transfered my endgame vault hunter (without bank and other global stuff). Location discovery trophies popped-up, and after going back to that new character it worked as it should.

After yesterday patch I was able to transfer my bank, customizations etc.

Two trophies are still bugged, so there will be another patch for them. So you may want to submit a ticket if you haven’t already.

Wait…so the reset to Guardian Rank 1 is a feature not a bug?

First save transfer I had not spent any guardian points on the PS4, so nothing transferred over. I ended up installing the PS4 version and spending all the points. Then transferring.

The spent points moved over but it did still set me to rank 1. I liked having my original rank (similar to the end game Paragon rank in Diablo 3) but I guess it’s not gonna happen, bug or feature or whatever, so I just continued playing on PS5.

Upgraded and having fun with Iron Cub while cleaning up old side missions. 60fps 4K is great and I wish I had the mode during the first few hundred hours of B3 on the PS4 Pro, but very cool now on PS5.

It is definitely a bug, but from a player point of view it’s easier way to gain points cause GR levels are tied to gained experience, higher level = more exp needed to lvl up.
I was at 555 rank on PS4, and now I’m around 200 on PS5. In total 755 points, but at the same time I would be around lvl 560 or something on PS4.