Is there any site that will let you design your own BL skill trees?

Thinking about a character I would love to see in Borderlands 3 and kinda wanting to see if I could setup a skill tree for them and post them as a suggestion for the next game or just to let others get a look.

Would be much easier for me to think about it if I could see the skill tree in setup rather than reading what I wrote or typed up on notepad.

I could have sworn I saw old websites where you could design your own trees for fun some a long time ago but can’t find them now. is the one I use for BL2. There’s one for TPS as well, which has slight improvements:

I’m pretty sure he means he wants to design a character of his own, not fiddle with the skill trees of the existing ones.

True, but you can save a copy of the site pages locally, then just edit them.

Being able to save them on the PC and edit them does help some, but was hoping to repost them to show here.

Tried saving them locally, I think a lot of the stuff is stored server side as I couldn’t find the talent tree layouts in it anywhere.

In Firefox, try doing a “Save page as…” and make sure you select the “full web site” option. You may have to grab some of the stuff for each character page individually.

Tried that with Chrome, it gave me graphics and some scripts but nothing with the actual texts on the trees I could edit.