Is there any way that Moze is viable without putting ANY points into the Demolition Woman Skill Tree at all?

I’m trying to find a balance between survivability and damage output that isn’t wholly reliant on splash and Vampir.

Any tips/pointers?

Go green and red and use Lucky 7 or other meta guns with Urad.


Red and green are fine it’s just a bit more gear dependant and learning how to use rushing offensive correctly

Avoiding Vampyr is easy – use a knifedrain artifact or Big Boom Blaster shield. It is hard to justify not specing into the blue tree at least part way right now because of significant damage boost you receive from Fire in the Skag Den and Short Fuse.

For my 1HP red tree builds, I’ve been splitting my remaining points between the green and blue trees like this. You can assign the last 8 skill points however you like.

I’m looking at a build with zero points in the blue skill tree.

I supposed you could do something like this. Equip a Bloodletter class mod with as much Desperate Measures can you can find and use the Lucky 7 or Anarchy.

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Yea that :point_up_2:, plus URad Weapons:

Pistols - Maggie, Light Show, Lucky 7, King’s/Queen’s Call, Moonfire…
SMGs - Redistributor, Cutsman, Hyperfocus, Smog, License,
ARs - Bekah, NoPewPew, OPQ, Monarch, Dowsing Rod
Shotguns - Reflux, Brainstormer, Anarchy, Lob, Face-Puncher
Snipers - SandHawk, Krakatoa, Lyuda, Unseen Threat
Launchers - All are splash, you lose damage by not investing in splash skills

Good luck

I was having a fun time on m10 with a Red/Green build focused around the stauros burn, that guns great!

On the Stauros’ Burn, does the crit effect last until your gun next overheats? If so, pair it with next 2 mags and it would be great.