Is there any way to force DX9?

Does any one know if there is a way to force the game to play in DX9 mode. I can run in dx11 no problem but I want to experiment with dx9

Ive tried

  • appending -dx9 and -d3d9.
  • going into the files to see if i could find allowdx10/11 and turn them off but couldnt find anyting in any of the files
  • force warping in dxcpl
  • taken dx9 files from another game and tried forcing the game tor read them both as dx9 and dx11 by renaming in a last ditch effort

not sure what else to try

Don’t think so, on Win 7 Ult with nVidia I tried both ways but other than compatibility it won’t let this 64bit app run in 9.