Is there any way to get permission to upload gameplay to my youtube?

I would love to upload some gameplay so my friends can see the game as well, is there any way to get permission to do so?


No-one is going to be streaming during the CTT. I assume you read the NDA?

Yet another person that shows us that reading doesn’t seem to be mandatory when signing contracts. Where do you store all the fridges that you accidently bought?

Sarcasm aside: No. Please re-read the NDA.

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Hey. @TheFunfighter, no need for the attitude.

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You can always keep the video files until the NDA lifts, then upload.

A small slap with a short stick, as a life-lesson to be remembered. It can only do good.

*if the NDA lifts

I don’t think so, since in the agreement is written that, we can’t upload any kind of footage of the gameplay.

I did read it, that’s y I am asking for permission bc I’ve seen other places upload videos DICK

I suggest you take a read of the forum rules too, then. Insulting other forum users is a good way to get your thread locked.

The streams you saw were by invite from 2K. They won’t be streaming during the CTT.


Nope. NDA means you cannot capture gameplay.

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