Is There Any Way To Heal Deathtrap Solo?

I’ve done my best to find one, I’ve tried:

  • Transfusions/O-Negative
  • Giving DT Order and holding Law
  • The Blood of Terra
  • Changing COMs to increase/decrease DT’s max health
  • Shooting DT’s shock ball with a Moxxi weapon/holding a moxxi weapon in general

None of those were able to heal DT in any way. I’ve seen people say Maya can heal DT, but that doesn’t fit my needs.

(EDIT) This is for a pure DT melee build, so healing shields are out of the equation unless they provide roid damage. Other edits are from adding things to the above list.

You sure Transfusion grenades aren’t working? Like they need to be closer to him than you, but I thought they did. Also, from range, the Chere Amie will throw a little transfusion orb on hit, and I swear I saw it healing Deathtrap, but it’s been some time since I played that.

edit - just tested: the orbs were flying around him, actually trying to catch him, but I couldn’t tell if they managed to make contact, or if the healing was too small to see.

I don’t think that was ever a mechanic intended for BL2. BL3 it’s definitely something they factored in, but with Gaige the idea is to build into skills that make DT a tank, and Sharing Is Caring is the cherry on top. Giving him the best possible shield to maximize his survival is the closest you’ll come.

The Neogenator* and Evolution are two shields with Health Regen, but I don’t think either will be enough to outpace the damage output of high level enemies to make a difference long term at higher levels. The Neogenator is far easier to obtain (Spycho and world drops).

The Blockade and Antagonist offer damage reduction flatly as an alternative. Being Seraph gear like the Evolution, they’re a lot harder to come by.

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There is no actual way to heal Deathtrap sadly. The best thing you can do for him is turn him in to a hurricane of death. Enemies can’t kill him if they are already dead right!

Giving Deathtrap Sharing is Caring is one of the best skills he has available combined with Upshot Robot, Robot Ramage and Annoyed Android you can have a fast and deadly companion. One hidden mechanic to know about Sharing is Caring is that Roid Damage from roid shields dose additional damage for Deathtrap. I can’t remember the exact bonus. If you can get your hands on the Hide of Terramophis Deathtrap can be damn strong before you start turning the OP levels up.

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Deathtrap with a roid shield from Sharing is Caring and imbued with an element from Make It Sparkle trivializes every enemy that it can melee attack. The damage output is absurd even at OP10 with multiple players in the game.

If Deathtrap used only melee attacks, then it would solo all of the game’s content except for flying enemies.

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I have run a Deathtrap build up to low OP levels and i do not find the need to heal DT. Just share your Hide of Terra with DT; make her sparkle with the correct element and help in slagging enemies and enemies will fall.

My upshot robot stacks is usually in the 20-30s before DT cools down.