Is there any way to turn off Mayhem Mode

After you finish the campaign is the game just stuck at mayhem 1 or above? I am unable to turn it back down to normal instead of mayhem 1.

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You should be able to just use the console on the Sanctuary III to change it through all the settings (including M0). I know they changed the way the console works so that M4 could be added - maybe check the patch notes for that update as I think there were instructions there.

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At the altar, focus directly on the shard in the center, and you can toggle it on and off. It should prompt you for the correct key/button when focused on it:



Adabiviak taking screen-shots like a boss! :+1:

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heh - it takes longer for me to frame the subject matter than to get it into a post (can paste screenshots right off the clipboard into the text box, and the site will turn it into a .PNG, name it, and post it).

For game shots, I have a series of keyboard-friendly shortcuts that hop from my DVR container to my in-game screenshots to my out-of-game screenshots to my upload folder, so for any given session, it’s just a few keystrokes to gather all the shots to my upload folder and clean out the leftover material.

Yeah you approach the terminal and toggle it up or down via the left or right hand side.

Thanks again, did not realize you can toggle the middle part.