Is there any work around to allow multiplayer HW:C?

Is there any way at present that we can play HW:C in multiplayer?
Some mod that I’ve missed maybe or a work around?

The current multiplayer games are really pointless for anything other than HW2, and being as the game mechanics for HW1 are FUBAR, there really is very hope MP will ever develop.

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Well if you’re giving up before they even start iterating multiplayer balancing…

They’re gonna make an official multiplayer balance workshop mod next week.

LOL, I thought you meant HomeWorld: Cataclysm, lol.

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i’m not aware of a work around, but somebody posted some sort of script or something they thought would work. I played against the CPU in the classic version yesterday - ahh, that’s the stuff,

Do you still have your original discs?

Yes! I tried messing around with running it in a virtual machine and through hamachi, but never had any luck.
Classic vs CPU is all I play at the moment. . . But it’s a little like training build orders again for ladder matches. . .

Someone mentioned Tunngle in another post. Thought it would do as a temporary fix while we waited for any changes or updates, but I see pretty much no one online lol.

If anyone tries and has any luck please share!


Hey Gearbox, is there anyway this can be done? The MP code for the classic games worked. It seems like enabling it shouldn’t be an insurmountable task.

Take your time on the main MP balancing/engine changes, but give us something fun to do in the meantime. It may bring some folks back to the game as well.

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Before this was released I’d occasionally see people in tungle.

openvpn in bridged mode? ;p (not sure of lack of support in-game, but you can pass ipx/spx over an openvpn bridge).

I was talking about playing the version that was included with HWR. MP has been disabled.

You can play on Game Ranger if you have the disc and can get it to work.

I still have my disc and was able to get it to work (with some occasional weirdness on the load screen). I haven’t tried playing MP though. I seem to recall you could play via ICQ as well.

I was able to play my disc on my current computer until I updated my drivers :sob: The picture was stretched a bit but I was always fine with that. Now when I try to play with my disk or in the classic, I get a box in the middle of my screen telling me I’m using the rong settings. This is with all my older strategy games :angry: My computer has an Nvidia Graphics Card. Has any one else had this happen too?