Is there anyone out there?

I’m really posting this as a test as much as anything. I feel like I’ve seen very little activity in the xbox sector for a while, and I’m trying to figure out if anyone is out there/paying attention.


Yeah, we´ve not many XB1-players who are acive here in the forums… and it seems they get even more rare since the Clubs got publicly available.
(Strange thing, since I always had the feeling that we have the biggest playerbase.)

There is several on the forums who are on xbox.

If it’s the easter egg thing and you still need help, I can jump on. GT: Alkymist96.

Hey if you need people to play with I’m ussually on every day so hit me up with a friend request or message my Gt is Sabre343

We’re out here. Watching you. Never blinking. Never tiring. Always watching you. Always.

You’re kinda weird, you know that?


I’m usually always on too.
GT: jonnyred91

More than anything, I was trying to see if anyone other than me was lurking in silence out there [as well as encourage people to talk (the forums have seemed oddly quiet lately)].

It was originally partially this, though it seems someone has already run the test to no effect before I had a chance.

I am hoping there are more of us. I bought at launch to play with my brother as we both played the life out of BDL2 but he went on to play Destiny. Just really picking this game up now a year later.

I’m still out here and playing every day. GT Stlbluesfan57

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