Is there anyway to make sure this gun doesnt run horribly?

Ive tried everything. My PC is pretty okay (amd radeon ™ rx 560 graphics card) and should definitely be able to run this game but it still chugs despite all these updates. Ive even had windows crash several times. Does anyone have any tips?

I am not a big techie, but it looked like no one had responded so I thought I would offer up what I could. Have you tried the normal file and system cleanup, defrag, etc.? I would also change the title of the post to say “game” instead of “gun”. You might get more hits. You might also want to place the thread in the BL3 PC Tech Support area, instead of General Discussion.

Good Luck, Mr. Phelps! :grin:

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This might not do much, but you might want to try borderless windowed mode from bl3 settings, turbo mode if your computer has it. Also, how much time do you have this computer? Does it only crash with borderlands 3? Whatever the answer, I’m not an expert, you should as our friend thelandhar said post to tech support. Good luck to you, and don’t worry too much you’ll find a solution soon enough.