Is there Dojo healing?

While we know we’ll be able to test loadouts and have minion waves to test attacks and skill damage on, do we know if there will be a way to also test out healing and healing gear in the Dojo?

From the looks of the stream, no.

Well if YOU have minions in the lane you can heal them… But you cant test out heal received gear/affects with an ally. Dojo is SORELY lacking as far as sandbox’s go.

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It sounds like they want it to be super useful, so maybe they’ll look into adding alterations down the line.

I’d love a section of the room that you can stand in to reduce your health (maybe 5%/second?) so we can test healing skills.

I also thought about ops points based gear and would love to see maybe something toggleable or just have it internally set at 100 ops to see what the full damage is possible (think orendi with aria’s encore, that 30% is a massive difference if not calculated in)

I would also like to see them remove the 15 minute time limit and I assume the dojo will end when all your bots get in the grinder, which doesn’t seem like a lot of time :confused:

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^^ The time limit should be at least 30 minutes. And I still think it’s silly that it has an objective at all.