Is there event this weekend

today I have found 3 legendarys (panemic grenade ,whiskey tango shield and eddie in vendors ) and I have add both skriker and cyrofobia drop with only 1 kill . I am never this lucky (my luck with legendary drops and vendor drop is not very good)

And as an additional bonus, we’ve temporarily increased the drop rate on legendary loot in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel across all platforms! This bonus will be in effect through Tuesday, April 7 – happy looting! You’ll want to restart your game to ensure the loyalty reward and drop rate updates are properly loaded.


Sweet! I wish there were more of these, I don’t remember ever having heightened drop rates

Whelp, time to farm BNK-3R for those Bitches.


This is sweet!

I plan to do some heavy drinking / looting this weekend!

They raised the legendary drop rate a few times for bl2 back in the day

Oh awesome! I thought it was crazy lucky for me to get a Leech out of a chest last night! Thanks Gearbox/2kAus!

Well, my luck is the same as always. Did the run from Helios through Crisis Scar at level 70 this morning and saw exactly 1 legendary, from FlameKnuckle (and a level 69 at that). No Legendaries from the grinder, none from chests.

TRollNG is still TRollNG :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit - and then, of course, I find this about 2 hours after my whine. Now I just need an Ack Ack, and then I can start to think about the DLC boss…

Well, BNK-3R gave me Maya’s head on the first kill. That’s more than he’s given me in forever…


So this doesn’t apply to the ps3 or 360? Or did I miss something?

It says All Platforms. Yes, PS3 and 360 included.

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Oh. Then I guess I did miss something. Thank you.

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Im torn between farming for my 40 Clappy or my 62 Aurelia…I’ll probably do some of both!


Glad to hear that cheap bastard is finally giving you SOMETHING, buddy!

Yeah, well, 20 kills later and hasn’t given me anything else. He’s still a cheap bastard

Anyway, I’m bored with farming, so I’m trying to solo round 5 of the Tina slaughter dome with Krieg. My Axton needs a better Ogre, and I can only get it in the Badass round of the Tina CoS.

I wish this buff would become permanent. It feels so good right now. You don’t stumble across legendaries every 5 seconds but they come at a really nice pace if you farm enough.

Youre lucky!

Ive been farming HARD but only 2 so far!

Good to know. That funny glitched corrosive laser with Pickle’s voice in the P4NDOR4 memory block, though? Missing.

Had a longbow Fire Bee in a vendor, and got a Skullmasher out of a red chest at Deadlift’s place. I didn’t know this was going on, though. Guess I’ll be farming like a madman tomorrow!

total bogus update does not work in uk tvhm mode no lengendarys in two days

Or RNG isn’t on your side. That’s always a possibility.