Is there ever going to be a meaningful rework of Zane?

I really like Zane from an aesthetic standpoint, and I see a lot of potential in his abilities, but while every other character in BL3 takes a concept from previous games, cranks it up to 11 and breaks the knob off, Zane takes a bunch of different concepts from previous games and dials them down to a safe, inoffensive 5.

This character just doesn’t have that awesome factor, that certain something that induces mad cackling as your screen erupts in chaos and violence.

The abilities are just not that great, every single one of them is a step back from comparable abilities in previous games. The class mods don’t help either, not a single one of them takes a cool ability and pushes it over the top of absolute glorious insanity, and in fact, hardly anyone even uses the ability specific class mods, because it’s better to just trigger your kill skills more.

I’m kind of at the point where I’m starting to wonder if any improvements are coming. Quite frankly, with Zane being as lackluster as he is, and no DLC characters being added, Borderlands 3 might actually have the weakest character roster out of any of the Borderlands games yet. That’s a shame, and it’s getting kind of frustrating that there is no official recognition that that’s a problem.


definitely not an time soon since they have to work in the 4th skill tree so vanilal zane is gonna be stuck in the ■■■■ he has been since honestly almost day one except for double stacking of kill skills zane has day 1 problems still.

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No. He is broken like his COMs.

While I agree that Seein Red, all but one class mods, and probably the whole green tree need a rework.
Zane was, and still is, my favorite vaulthunter in bl3 and my third favorite vaulthunter in all borderlands games (first beeing doppelganger, second beeing krieg).
He is the first ever truly “go afk and let someone else to the work for you” vh, and as someone who likes pets and summons and all that jazz I am deeply in love with him, and since his clone buffs I think it is more over the top than MANY other builds possible. you are unkillable, have lots of explosions, chaos and violence going on. And I think everything in bl3 cranks everything up to an 11, Zane is no execption.
He IS a jack of all trade, while he can not insta gip bosses, can’t insta gip a room. he can consitantly and extremey fast kill those bosses, kill these rooms in a matter of seconds and do that in the same build, there is nothing he can’t do if played correctly, without ever having any problems.
and even while his green tree is underwhelming, it still offers a destinctly unique gameplay style and gamepplay loop for pewople that enjoy it.

right now he has

  • a fantasticly working Clone build
  • a hilarious drone build
  • an untouchable shield build
  • a freeze everything forever build
  • a insanely fast speedyboi kill everything yourself build
  • a massive damage dealing untouchable build

if anything, it is actually the bl3 gear, and gearboxes desire to nerf interactions that holds zane back. in terms of gimmick builds, he cant be nova fl4k, unkillable moze, or tdb amara.

  • he HAD a really fun and broken infinite ammo trick, to just spam any weapon he likes for forever, this would have been pretty bonkers now, but its not anymore.
  • he COULD have an incredibly fun grenades only build, IF greandes wouldn’t suck.

but gearbox doesn’t like fun… so yeah.

while I agree situations can always bee improved. overall I think zane is in a better place than amara definitly, and while he lacks the insane damage on fl4k, and the insane tankiness of moze.
I think he fairly outcalsses both in terms combining tankiness (outclassing fl4k by a mile) and damage (able to outclass moze if played right). he just lacks behind a bit on large bosses, and thats pretty much everything. if he had that, he would be the best with no argument about it.

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You obviously haven’t given the Clone a Light Show… my screen is almost always a dance of lights and blood.

I personally don’t see why people are saying Zane needs a re-work. I’ll admit I don’t pay much attention to current meta builds or exactly how bugged the skill trees are (because that’s a LONG list), but I kinda wreck with Zane right now…probably partially due to the Light Show Clone.

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so your don wreck anything the clone does amarite? what a great design pogchamp

I mean, the clone seems to do the same/similar damage I do except I don’t have to aim. It’s kinda like double damage where the other half is autoaim.

I personally don’t have time to play multiple builds on each hunter… So I’m fine with Zane the way he is.

是的我认为zane必须要进行一定的返工,zane的克隆伤害足够,但是本体的伤害过低,多为线性加成提升很小,一枪两弹提升伤害很多,但是及其依赖seeing death,在混乱10游戏终局,杀戮技能与一枪两单至关重要,尽管赞恩有很强的的冰冻能力,但是没有见证死亡的加持,本体伤害远远不够,几乎完全依靠digital-zane 如果杀戮技能的问题不解决,那么见证死亡永远无可替代

Google translate:
Yes, I think zane must be reworked. Zane’s clone damage is enough, but the damage of the body is too low. Most of the linear bonus increases are small. One shot and two bullets increase the damage a lot, but it depends on seeing dead. At Mayhem 10 endgame, kill skills and one shot two orders are very important. Although Zane has a strong freezing ability, but without the blessing of seeing dead, the body damage is far from enough. It is almost entirely dependent on digital-zane if the kill skill problem is not solved, then seeing dead will never be replaced

yes we know but gearbox doesn’t ;D

action skill dmage scales 1:10 (in case of enemy having shield armor and health, otherwise it scales even better) to enemy health in m10 that is why clone obliterates everything as far as double barrel is concerned it is always in m0 settings.

zane on his own needs to access ase bonuses to effectively kill which is very hard if not for seein dead removing the necessity to kill. so yeah seein dead is irreplaceable unless seein dead’s effect will be incorporated into seein red capstone and seein dead will be changed to being seein red type with 25% kill skill efficiency. while seein red acting like kill skill activator on hits but not on action skill start. this way there might be some parity and competition.