Is there ever going to be a way to get the snowman and turkey heads

In the Pre-Sequel? How did you get them in the original game? Shift codes?

Headhunter dlcs

That was in Borderlands 2.

I have the turkey and snowman heads for 3 of my 5 characters in TPS, not really sure how though. Maybe loyalty rewards.

I did have the loyalty rewards show up in the shift vendor thingy in Concrdia, ya gotta sort through them. The rewards were for playing Bl1, Bl2, and season pass for Tales from Borderlands. Some are weapons and some are heads and skins…don’t know if that helps you figure it out any.

Definitely had the snowman and turkey head show up in TPS recently. I have no idea where/how, though - they were just “new” items in the list when I made one of my rare visits to the Quick Change. Also, sometimes a skin or head that I’ve been using for a while - and my character is currently wearing - will show up as a “new” item. There’s some kind of extra special randomness seemingly involved with the TPS heads and skins.

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I got my turkey heads from the wattle Gobbler DLC in Gluttony Gulch you can fast travel there.
Note if your playing through for your first time the Wattle Gobbler is going to be Lv 30. If your playing through it your second time its going to be Lv.52.