Is there gonna be anyway to get our old characters back with out last gen consoles

So as u may know when the handsome jack collection came out if u had any old data on ur last gen consoles that would transfer over to the new ones. I though this was gonna be easy just install update game go in boom you’ve got ur old data back. Unfortunately thats not the case here u require ur old gen consoles to get ur characters and i dont understand this concept i mean how could have this gotten past gearbox that maybe a guy like me sold his ps3 or someone sold his game now he cant get his characters on bl2 i had 2 op8 characters a lvl 72 character and a lvl 52 character across those characters i had, im not joking i might have had like 70 legendarys no joke maybe even a double that number ive put ours into bl2 and now im screwed i cant get any of that stuff back simply because i sold my old gen consoles i was surprised gearbox doesn’t have another solution for this i mean non of the remastered games that were on last gen and are now on current gen ur able to transfer ur data without any of this complication gearbox used. I would rly like to see a patch or something were im able to get my data back its frustrating to know i lost all that hard work.
Do u think guys gearbox might do something about this or forget i wanna play bl2 again but im stickingto presequel now im waiting on gearbox for that patch to get my data back without having to use old gen but they probably wont still i hope they prove me wrong

Be nice if they would do something for all those fans that moved on to new gen for this game. But I think this Remastered version isn’t going to get much in the way of fixes, Think it was all about making it as cheap as possiable to get some quick money for other projects, and sense they outsourced this to 2 different companies to reamster was a huge mistake for whoever did presequel, Gearbox and 2k should ask them for their money back and then make things right to this game, but I don’t think we are gonna get too much from it
Honestly, if they even really wanted to put time into this game, they would have added some fixes that have plaqued these games from the day they were made, not remaster the same bugged game with even more bugs

Problem is, they can’t. Games like Destiny can have your save ready to go on a new console because the saves are stored on a server maintained by Bungie. When you fire up the game, you aren’t loading a save located on your hard drive; you’re accessing a save on their servers that’s been associated with your Gamertag or profile. Borderlands, on the other hand, stores the information locally. They can’t make the saves available because they don’t have access to them. That’s why they have to be uploaded to the Cloud in order to be transferred.

The other problem is software. To us, it seems like the save is uploaded to the cloud, then directly downloaded. However, for all we know, the save isn’t actually being copied to the new console. There may be software differences between the old and new consoles that makes the save unreadable by the new consoles. If that’s the case, then the cloud would have to have a program to ‘translate’ the save to the new format. This program coud be modifying the save, or it could be doing the digital equivalent of reading everything off to the new console while the new console makes notes on a piece of paper.

At the very least, the fact that the game saves locally should have been a huge tip-off that you would need your old saves in order to continue your characters. And while I sympathize with you about losing your progress, I don’t see anything Gearbox can do about it given the technical limitations. At the very least, demanding that Gearbox give you your saves back when they never had them in the first place isn’t going to do any good.

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I am looking more for the ability to re-download the shift codes that provided skins and head customization. I get that you cant duplicate golden keys, But I am unable to use the Wayfarer Wizard for Gaige, etc… because I downloaded them on a previous console. If anyone can help that would be amazing.

Well then bl3 it is lol
Quick question is it me or am i the only one wjo feels that bl2 is way better than prrsequel i didnt play prrsequel on ps3 now is my first time i just wanna get some opinions

An easy fix is to get the old gen console again.

I really hope there is a way soon, I have all of my last gen characters on a thumb drive just waiting, lol.

pre sequel was not made by the same people…im sure there is not a single person who like tps more than bl2 …some elements(i.e. ice n lazer’s) but as a full game …nope

all it really takes is to borrow a game from someone or use there old console…n bring a flash drive to load from

problem is though is you can only do one at a time…i.e. you upload one…then download him on to new gen…and so on

They can’t give you what they haven’t got. The saves were stored locally on the console. The only way they’d be able to do anything is strike up an agreement for anyone who used any cloud based saving on last gen - like PS+ or whatever MS offered. I’ve been fortunate enough to still have my PS3 so could transfer my OP8 Zer0.

If it’s any conslation, legendaries are dropping like candy at the moment.