Is there matchmaking? And will it be necessary?

I guess I don’t know exactly how to phrase this question but will there be matchmaking in this game? I imagine in the PvP there will be because it’d be silly to do otherwise (cough Destiny cough) but how about the campaign mode?
The reason I’m also unsure about phrasing this question is that it’s hard to tell if it will be necessary to matchmake. It’s clear that the game can be played solo but would it be more enjoyable played with others? Would I need to communicate with people or is the objective pretty much clear? For example in Borderlands, though it can be matchmade, you still kind of have to communicate in some capacity to agree on the quest you’ll embark on (which in my opinion is not fun to deal with with strangers). I really enjoy multiplayer experiences when they’re made easy: they’re matchmade and the objective is straightforward so it’s easy to collaborate with strangers without a headset.

I think there will be some difficulty setting to it. But if enemies get scaled to accommodate the number of players present, imagine it is challenging enough to where even a public group can make it through the campaign without much trouble.

I assume there’s going to be matchmaking, games are always funner with real friends but who has 4 who all play BattleBorn, on the same system, at the same time?

Amen, brother. This is why matchmaking I think is important but I also want thought given to making collaboration easy in completing objectives.

Well I’m sure objectives can be completed by anyone but still promote team effort. Like staying in a certain area to capture a vital thing. The more players around thing, the faster it is captured.

I assume they’ll do solo/duo queue and ranked 5s, like how other games in the same genre-ish do.
Nothing worse than soloing into a match vs a full pre-made team.

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An example like that sounds like something that is simple enough to do. Tasks like choosing a quest in Borderlands or Destiny’s raid objectives are hard ones where you really need to make sure you know what everyone else is doing to succeed. These sorts of experiences are fine but they really alienate people without the desire to put on a headset.

Yeah, we gotchca covered here. A lot of the details are still being worked out, but at the very least, we’ll support the ability to find and start games will full teams of 5 (PvE and PvP), if you want that experience.

I’m in the same boat as a lot of you guys - I typically play with 1 or 2 close friends on most co-op games. I like party-based content, but it’s hard to get an entire group together at the times I play (usually very late at night).



There is however a concern i had. I hope the system doesn’t work in such a way where if one person drops out, the entire team automatically does. Or something silly like that. And if not, and random people can join and get loot and experience, it’s adjusted based on performance and contributions. So no one that just joined for like the last minute or two of a match gets the same stuff as someone who attended the entire thing.

And at the same time, i hope the loot system isn’t as completely asinine as it was in Destiny. But i doubt it.

Sorry for the nonsensical post. Just about to hit the sack.

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No those are some legit concerns. If the host drops, the game should just shift to another player and let the game continue. Reward should be based on player contribution(so sick of playing in Borderlands and someone else hoovers up all the good loot).

I wouldn’t worry about the loot system. Borderlands was better than Destiny. It was scaled to difficulty but only rewarded enough so you’d feel happy but want more. If Battleborn has that, we should be fine.

No worries here. We’ve thought through those problems and have that covered too.

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If one person picks up a lootpack, everyone gets it!

I’m going to assume it’s going to be pretty straightforward for the campaign. Just like the one level you get to play in ctt. There was a solo option in ctt but they disabled it and you can manage your own party so if you only have a friend or 2 then start coop with them no reason to have to do matchmaking