Is there much activity?

Well, here it is, i am now a proud owner of homeworld remastered which in definitely great. Versus AI

Forums are inactive, multiplayer is inactive… how do we get it sorted within the community?
I assume the game sold quite well since most reviews are nice, so perhaps it’s only like this during the low season. But i’d like to know from experienced players if there’s a real regular activity in the online aspects of the game, to know if it’s worth it to keep searching for matches ^^

Well I hate to outsource here but if you don’t find anything within on the boards, you can go on your friendly neighborhood Steam and look up groups to join on there. Don’t know how active those are but from briefly looking it says the top group has over 100,000 members in it.

Edit: Read more into it, a few comments do say there is a low player count. The people that play multiplayer “rush” and modding doesn’t seem to work from what I’ve read.

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ok nice! but i’m on utc+2 which makes a 7 hour gap with the east coast

but maybe i can play at night sometimes

And with regards to the lovely “steam neighbordhood”, well, it aint much busier. There i read a thread where someone said 200 people play HWrm at one time in average…

Got any idea why the playerbase is that low for a game with good reviews and a fairly known franchise ??

Lol, you just wait until Complex is released

Primarily because they released the game without a global MP chat lobby while it was also tagged with a beta title.

That was their biggest mistake. There was no way for all those people that jumped onto play to communicate with each other in MP. Because of this, it just felt like incomplete and people moved on en masse.

Now it’s just an uphill battle to get and retain people.