Is There Only One Way to Build a Character

I had a discussion with a teammate who was claimed that there is only one good way to build a character and should never deviate from it. While i do agree there can be a good all-around build that can be used for a multitude of situations (heck i even do this), but my philosophy is that the if there is only one way to go for a build, it can be countered. Example Gali’s Vortex-Silence combo: if your caught, don’t panic, just turn and run (or get out of desecrate). Also with the helix and gear systems, it seems kind of a waste to just stick with one build. I’m curious as to what you guys think.

I disagree with your friend, but some characters feel like they are more solidfied into which choices to make. Reyna for example, if I play in a team with another healer I mostly go with the damage increase choices over the healing choices because there is another healer and if we both somewhat heal and help damage it works out, but when I’m the only healer I pick every healing ability there is. Oscar Mike on the other hand pretty much always has to pick the “explodes on contact” and napalm because the other choices really hurt his grenade’s damage consistency.

With a large amount of characters there’s many different builds, although a character like El Dragon really doesn’t have much room for deviation as he has about 6 helix choices that are absolutely necessary. Oscar Mike also usually is the same build every time.

Personally though I only use the same build and helix choices every game because I understand the skill augments I choose regularly far more and I just find them all around better.

I’ve thought about this a lot and even tried different builds. I think we get stuck on a particular build and don’t consider the alternate. You have to force yourself to try the opposite build of the character. It completely changes how you play the character but I believe it generally performs just as well once you’re accustomed to the new playstyle. You also need your gear to match the new playstyle. To summarize, yes there’s an alternative build. I would doubt that there’s more than 2 for most characters

There are certain Helix options that are genuinely the right choice 100% of the time, like Oscar Mike’s napalm grenade.

But different game types and match-ups against certain characters can dictate other helix options as well. OM and WF going a full shield penetration build against Shayne, Reyna, Kleese, and ISIC for example.

It also depends on who is playing the character, I was talking to someone on the forums yesterday and they mentioned that they couldn’t do well with Shayne and Aurox unless they took the stun helix, but I don’t take that helix when I play Shayne I do not take that helix. But I build Shayne as a solo-tank character.

There wouldn’t be only one way to build a character if ALL helix & mutations were useful.
Take oscar mike for example, every player who knows a bit how to play him will pick the napalm, why ? because the other option is absolute garbage.
If it wasn’t, then there would be other way to play the character.

Usually you can make a pvp build and a pve build, but some character have some really bad helix that forces them to be played only ONE way.

They really have to change some helix & mutation that aren’t playable right now…

Don’t forget Ambra, a shield penetration build can completly negate her passive ability.

kind of agree.

most helix choices are garbage, forcing you to choose the one thats least amount of garbage.

every time i play i pretty much always pick the same helix choices no matter what, for the simple fact that one helix choice is way way way better than the other one.

Every melee in this game has 1 build.

The only thing that ever changes is maybe 1-2 levels.

Care to give an example or two? whenever i run phoebe for instance i have 2 builds for her, one is attack damage/speed for lethality and the other revolves around her shields and skills for a bit more survivability to outlast my opponent. Both seem to run well so far.

For my pheobe build the only thing that changes fro me is skills regarding true strike which change depending on which battleborn I’m facing.

But one example of a way to run a character that can’t or rather shouldn’t be changed is Whisky Foxtrot. Once you unlock napalm with him it might as well get rid of scrap cannon because you’ll never focus on upgrading it again. I run slowing, triple and naplam on his gerbades and it is the only combination I have found to make him the killer he is listed as.

Some characters (Cald or Whiskey to an extent, for example) have two separate builds, one for PvE and one for PvP.

I think Ambra is one of the character with the most build path, ofc she still have some useless helix like every charater (lvl 2 Mid, lvl 7 Right and lvl 10 Right)
I’ve 6 builds for her and they all are really good

  • Hybrid Ambra Build : A mix of all bellow
  • Solar Wind Build : 1 R, 4 R, 6 R, 9 R - Skill Dmg + CD Gear
  • Sunspots Dmg Build : 1 L, 2 R, 6 L, 9 L - Skill Dmg + CD Gear
  • Sunspots Heal Build : 2 L, 3 M, 6 M, 8 R - Heal Power + CD Gear
  • Support Build : 1 L, 2 L, 3 L, 4 M, 8 R, 9 L - Heal Power + CD + Tank Gear
  • Melee Build : 1 R, 3 R, 4 R, 6 R, 7 L, 9 R - Vow of Vengeance (19% Attack dmg + attack speed), Vow of Zealous Fury (19% Attack Speed + crit dmg), boots of the Brute (Slow on melee hit + mvt speed + attack speed)

This is why she is “Versatile


Well, I can imagine level 3, 5, 8 and 9 at least debattable and still quite viable. Level 2 depending on level 1 choice, too. Yeah, I know the silence is pretty hard to use efficiently, but it’s still a nice silence by itself, regardless of the conditions.

I think Phoebe is one of the most interesting melee because her helix choices are pretty interesting. Level 5 is a dilemna each game, because it’s a very important choice and all three are viable ( I tend to dislike the AoE the most though ).

I don’t know for the other melees though…

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All characters have some room for deviation but some more than others and some mutations are a must for some characters.

On Phoebe for instance the ones on her that change is 2, 3, 5

On Galilea levels 1, 2, 9

On Rath levels 7, 10 (usually though 99% of the time no change)

Then you have the mutation changes when you get certain character levels but those become part of the permanent build.

and that’s why i love her

Some have totally useless in all cases choices, like child grenades for Oscar Mike, but some have situational PvP and PvE choices.

For instance with Miko, depending on the enemy team composition you may go spore shock to hold off melee or spore trail and throw hail marys to keep speedy harassers from controlling the middle.

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Helix choices would be a lot better served if they did more to change the character dynamic instead of mini upgrades in my opinion. Game would be a lot easier to balance (And you wouldn’t need so many drastic balance changes when a problem pops up) if Helix choices could alleviate the straight up meta character pick shut-downs.

As it is, GBX might as well implement Helix favorites. Because there’s never an in game reason to deviate from a set build. And that’s really sad.