Is there Private Matchmaking?

Does Battleborn have Private Matchmaking? This is very important for a competitive scene to grow and online tournaments to come about. As well, explore the maps we have not seen to learn the best routes and plan things with the team.

Private matchmaking…? I can probably answer the question based off of what I’ve seen from streams but not sure what you mean. I am almost 99.9% sure you can organize 5 vs. 5 matches with your friends on the PC version of battleborn, and each player can choose which team they want to go on. (saw this on StealthShampoo’s stream last night, though it was 3 people on one team and 1 person on the other)

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Exactly that. Destiny did not have Private/Custom Matchmaking so queing up against other teams for a tournament was pretty rough and time-consuming.

I wouldnt really call it “matchmaking,” but you can have a private lobby of 10 players and divide up teams and such.


You can queue up 1-10 players on any competitive map or mode, divide up teams as you would like, and even fill empty slots with bots if you wish.

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