Is there some type of mercy power up?

I have had this happen in multiple games the last few nights. We are running the other team. Knock down their first sentry and doing just fine. At some point, usually with about 5 minutes left something changes. They rush, we are impotent, our first sentry goes and like dominos our second one is shortly behind it. We seem to lose any ability to fight back. It almost feels like it is a mechanic.

Nope. Was this against a premade group? Take a look at their gear next time. If they all had legendary chest pieces, they could be using vigilance link to stack health (shouldn’t work that way, IMO). Also, some characters start out rather weak and get very strong later (e.g. el Dragón). There are also some characters capable of downing a sentry solo late game if they build right (e.g. Oscar Mike).

As Misguided said, gearing and character design can lead to that kind of situation. I play way more meltdown and barely touch Incursion, but another phenomenon that shouldn’t be discarded is the longer path to travel when you reach the first milestone.

In Meltdown, when the grinders move, it brings them closer to the ennemy spawn and also put the minions in direct line of an additionnal turret that can hurt them bad. Same thing in Incursion. And since, as the game progresses, the respawn times also skyrocket, it can bring you to that point where you find it hard to push, then are getting killed, getting 40+ sec to respawn. You go from a run, to a slow, to a crawl. During that time, the ennemy team can push hard and indeed, domino effect, you loose before you even realize half your team was actually in limbo.

So basically :

  • a late bloomer characters filled enemy team,
  • more time to respawn leaving your side weaker for a longer period of time,
  • late game gear,

And maybe a better handling of stress from the enemy team :wink:

I’ve been on the flip side so many times. Melka, Toby, Marq, OM… Once they hit 4-7 depending upon toon, they snowball into beasts of awesome beastlyness

I completely understand the thought behind why you’d almost feel like it’s a mechanic causing this but you’d be surprised how often it is because they had some sort of character related revelation into how they should be building helix or sometimes just how to use them. That’s not even mentioning that against randoms some people take slightly longer to adjust to other people’s natural combat flow and reaction times. Some people can’t adjust easily or at all without verbal comms, some can do it without a word. Then there’s that other group out there that is literally just trying to get weird, interesting, or downright crazy types of kills on people. These guys are both my least and most liked teammates and opponents, because they usually have the skills to actually succeed when they play normally and they know it, so they will literally spend up to the last 5 min just screwing around and then when it looks like the game is assured will start playing like a normal highly skilled player and actually focus objectives down.