Is there something wrong with grasp?

I took a little break from BL3 for a while. Since coming back a been having a lot of issues with grasping targets. It always happened a bit in the past but lately I can be looking right at a target almost point blank and my grasp misses completely or ignores the target directly in front of me and targets something like 2 miles away.

Other times it feels very forgiving and will grasp something even if I’m not aiming directly at something. Anyone else experiencing this or maybe have some clue as to what might be going on?

I don’t know if this is related but I’m kind of having the same problem on my Moze right now. In the past everything was fine but now when I’m trying to lock on with the rocket launcher 90% of the time it ignores the target under my crosshair and locks on to things past it and to the right. What’s even more weird is that it also goes right through enemies and locks on enemies that are currently being completely omitted by the ones before them.

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Weird. That sounds very similar to what I’m seeing. I wonder if something has changed or got borked with the targeting.

You know now that I think about it do you also have Phasegrasp not trigger sometimes like there isn’t an enemy at all?

Because some days ago I was fighting Scraptrap and was trying out Phasecast + Glamour which didn’t do anything, so I switched to Phasegrasp + Glamour to see if it made a difference. It would never Phasegrasp any of them so at first I thought that despite their size they already count as boss enemies and only take some damage but after a while I realized that non of my -after action skill use- effects triggered which was very odd. Since then I have Phasegrasped them several times with no problem.

And just today I was having the aforementioned problems with Moze…

Ps. Spoilers because I didnt know if you already played the DLC.

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Yes. That’s what I meant in the OP when I said “misses completely”. I can be pointing directly at an enemy and it acts like I’m just pointing at a wall and my AS CD gets reset after a couple seconds. This is highly disruptive to gameplay when you are in dire need of crowd controlling enemies in M4. It’s not as bad as it missing the intended target and grasping something way off in the distance but still disruptive nonetheless.


Mmm, maybe we should mention this in the latest Hotfix topic? There are already people inquiring about a few “new” bugs since new year.

Feel free to quote my 2 additions if you want :slightly_smiling_face: