Is there such a thing as a MIRV-Tacular Maddening Tracker?

So, I have a Cloning Maddening Tracker (Homing, Divider, MIRV, Bouncy), a Cloning Alley Oop Tracker (Homing, Divider, Divider, Bouncy), and one or both of (Homing, Divider, Bouncy, Bouncy) and / or (Homing, MIRV, Bouncy, Bouncy), but I was wondering if there is such a thing as a MIRV-Tacular Maddening Tracker (Homing, MIRV, MIRV, Bouncy)?

Yes there is. I just saw one in a Marcus vending machine. It didn’t do as much damage as my Homing, Divider, Bouncy, and Roid grenade (about 4k less damage).

@DonutFur Yes there is such a thing, but the effects of the MIRV roll are cumulative. Instead of getting however many MIRV grenades with the single roll (I think it’s 4 MIRV grenades?), you basically just get one more MIRV grenade.

In other words, an additional MIRV roll does not double the MIRV grenades IIRC - it just adds maybe one or two more MIRV grenades.

The benefit of the CMT is that you get the “Divider” split before the MIRVs so it doubles your MIRV grenades. The double MIRV roll does not work the same way though.

I am just going off memory here, I could be wrong.

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MIRV should give +3 for each one on the grenade. A Torgue MIRV x3 results in 9 MIRV grenades after the initial explosion. Works differently for Rain which is +3 on the first one but then just +1 for each additional Rain augment. I’ve never seen more than 1 MIRV on an Atlas grenade before. Was under the impression it couldn’t get more than 1 but maybe it’s just rare.

Edit: *purple Atlas grenade

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Are you sure about that? I have a MIRV-Tacular Hex and it spawns 6 grenades on impact, not 4, but maybe that’s a legendary feature?

@DonutFur Maybe I said it not-so-eloquently, but what you have said is pretty much what I was trying to say.

I have gotten double MIRV Atlas grenade before IIRC. I cannot remember the total number of MIRVs you get, but when you double-roll the MIRV passive on any grenade, you get the results you have indicated - instead of doubling the MIRVs (which should take you from x4 to x8 MIRVs), you only get an additional +2 MIRVs (so from 4 to 6 MIRVs).

I feel like the ones I have seen with the double-MIRV roll have come with only 3 rolls - Homing, MIRV, and MIRV. But hell, as always my memory could be leading me astray as this is a fairly obscure corner of BL3 gearing LOL.

I do not think you would want a double MIRV roll on an Atlas grenade anyway - it would just give you one or two more MIRVs instead of doubling them. You want them to hit as many times as possible - which is the reason why the Cloning Maddening Tracker is so good, i.e., that once it divides and then MIRVs, then each one bounces and homes as well.

Hopefully that makes sense. I feel like I haven’t helped at all, sorry.

No such thing as a mirvtacular maddening tracker. Cloning maddening tracker is the peak that can roll ingame.

There is a recurring maddening tracker, which, technically is the same amount of splits, but a mirv-tacular maddening tracker would need a 4th roll rather than the max of 3 that can occur on a purple grenade.

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there can be multiple mirvs on atlas nades, check the triple roll thread. However, the roll described by the OP cannot occur as a drop ingame. it would be a modded item.

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I checked the thread but didn’t see any mention of more than one MIRV on purple Atlas grenade. It did give a link to This doc which shows Atlas nades can only get x1 MIRV if I’m reading it right

I could be mistaken. It may be that the baby maker can’t roll on atlas. I’ll validate tonight when I load up my x3 nade mule. I know I at least have a Torgue triple mirv.

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yeah, never more than one mirv on an atlas.

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