Is this a bug with the sticky grenade?

I have noticed that whenever I kill an enemy with a direct hit of the grenade, i.e. the grenade striking them kills them, I get only an assist. Does the actual impact of the grenade cause damage? I assumed that it did, in which case there seems to be a bug with how the kill is credited.

The initial hit does not deal damage, only the explosion does.

I believe they only deal damage once they explode, so the game is tracking them properly unless you land the kill blow.

If the initial impact of the grenade does not do any damage, then it makes sense. However, it seems highly coincidental that in about a half dozen occurrences this past weekend alone, the enemy died at exactly the moment my grenade hit him.


No, I don’t think so.

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as a WF player, I can tell you they don’t cause damage on impact.

Someone likely stole your kill as they noticed your enemy was already almost dead.

You can also see how easy it is to find out as well. Find a guy with full health and shield and stick some on him. He won’t be damaged until they explode.

That’s the nice thing about them. People who are stuck with them, generally bring them back to other people and they blow up releasing all the napalm goodness onto the others.


Ok, that’s good to know. I do have the worst luck with this game!