Is this a decent Asteroid Belt?

Calling shield gurus @Sljm, @Chuck80, @Hoyle4

I got these stats on an Asteroid Belt. I just wanna know whether this is decent, or whether I should try for a different one.

Capacity- 62687
Recharge Rate-6323
Recharge Delay-2.65
Meteor Chance-41%
Meteor Damage-32854

The parts for this shield listed in Nisha’s TG result in a lower capacity than the one I got, and my delay is the same. But my chance to proc the meteors is lower, and they do 20k less damage.

Hoyle is the man you want for this

I personally care about nothing but Asteroid chance and damage, so all Maliwan parts would be my pick with shock immunity being #1. All DoTs are your friend with this shield except shock ones.

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Umm I can’t really tell what exactly it is unless I see the Shield, but ideally you’d want a shock immunity with the other parts being either Anshin Maliwan or Hyperion (depending on exactly which char its for, I’m assuming it’s for Jack so Shock immune with Anshin parts would be ideal unless it can’t spawn with em)

It is indeed Jack.

I’ll upload a pic tomorrow. Just turned off the x-box and I’m done with tps for the night (Holodome just bores me so much sometimes).

If u can remember what the thing on the left and bottom looked like I could tell u sooner.

Regardless, a shock immune belt that I would reccomend will look something like this (colours are off cuz i did a cut/paste job).


Normally I’d agree, but with the AB having all Maliwan parts is more important than something like the Rerouter.

Simply using 2 Maliwan parts and 1 of the next best part Hyperion reduces the chance by 5% and damage by 6318. So even with Jack I’d go all Maliwan.

I mean the damage from a belt is pretty much negligible anyway (Why i don’t like the shield personally), It also doesn’t really matter how often it procs when it breaks in one or two hits. I’d assume you’d bring it to like 40% with anshin and it might do like 40k ish damage but you actually have a shield that’s decent that’ll stay up to get more procs. Also winning.

Oh I don’t like the shield either, and I don’t really see a use for it outside of maybe Athena using it during the Sentinel fight.

And I made that suggestion with Winning in mind, but if you want a shield just use the SoA. If you want a gimmicky shield than go gimmicky all the way. I see no point in trying to meet in the middle when it comes to the AB, unlike the Rerouter.

I mean you’re going all in with a Joker and the Card that describes what hands win poker, might as well try for the 7 high… but I digress…

I don’t play poker so that post flew right by me, but I can guess what you are trying to say.