Is this a Demon Bear secret area?

I went live as soon as I found this peculiar spot in the library. I had just gotten the quest to get the journal and did it by running into it several times and having it explode and then on … lets say the 8th time it exploded, it stunned me for like 2 seconds and then I was able to pick it up no problem.
Well, knowing gearbox and their little secrets I decided to take a look around to see if you could pull a book old school scooby doo style. I was hopping around and in the right corner of the first book case I saw something pop on my reticle for a frame. Now I’m not sure if what I was was a hold square to … or just the reticle turning red but I noticed something had happened.
I stopped for a second and that’s when I heard the feint mystical tinkling sound and I went live right then.

Notice the sound is only in that area and its near the ONLY book laying down on its side in the entire library.

So the hunt is on guys, lets see if this leads anywhere.

watch at the very beginning, nothing much after that happens other than me dying on my last life because I tried jumping to random places before then for secrets XD


Nice find! You should post that in the “Easter Egg” thread. Here:

@loving-hatred, check this out!

Hmmm. I think in the other thread @jythri mentioned something about Alani and the library…

Okay, @HandsomeCam thanks for calling me into this
the book laying flat is for another ops point objective. After you activate it it flies up and activates a mini portal bloom and we’re trying to figure out if that’s potentially involved in the Easter egg


Mellkas lore does talk about following some electronic whispering or something like that. There are some spots that do similar things in TFR. Very interesting!

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