Is this a Draco?

Hi. I found this farming crawmerax. Not sure if it’s a draco, wasn’t able to match it with pictures online or the wiki.

(Sorry for the crappy pic)

Yep! Draco will always have:

  • X3 or X4 fire,
  • canister below the barrel, with no red firey markings on it,
  • a huge mag, 79, 120, or 124 (going by memory here)
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~90 (mag 4), 120 (mag 5).

The OP has mag 5 on his/hers Draco.

Thanks. Having material 3 would boost it up a little bit more too…maybe where I get the 124 from.

Where does the Draco name come from? Is there some specific version which is actually called a Draco?

It’s title is in the code, but never assigned to the accesoire. Which is why it resorts to common titles (Machine Gun and Massacre) depending on the parts.

I don’t recall the Draco (nor the Serpens) going above 120 w/o skills. Mind you, it has been a long time since I last played this game.

So what are you waiting for? :wink:

Edit: Now I know what I’m going to do for the rest of my day off…

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I do want to go back to my S&S/Jakobs Mordecai. But the PS3 is set up upstairs and I cant play games on a 4:3 screen naymore.

That, I can totally understand!

Now you’ve motivated me to look into this… :slight_smile:

Gearcalc gives me 60, 90, and 120 for mag 2, 4, and 5 respectively, with material 1 or 2
Using material 3 gives 62, 93, and 124, so an extra 3%?

Similar to how a mat3 Orion gives you 16 shots instead of 15…

Anyway, what’s important is the big fat can accessory and fire elemental. A non-draco fire machine gun will have a different, skinnier accessory under the barrel that has red accents on it.

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Cool. Thanks, Now I’ll know when I find a better one.
Is it rare?? Or is a “normal” legendary drop?

It’s your standard legendary weapon. The rarity value is just messed up so it disguises itself as a regular weapon. The Penetrator does the same thing, but it forgot to cover up its redtext when it was putting on the camo.

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And the reason for that is very simple; the Pene’s title only has a rarity of 5, instead of the intended 50. But the name is assigned atleast.

I’ve got 4 Dracos now. I gave away one of my top 2, scoped with high damage, accuracy, etc, top of the line, to someone who really appreciated it.

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Does anyone know if you are getting the redtext effect from the Draco since its bugged? I can’t remember the line off the top of my head, something about “dragon breath” I think.

I have always wondered if the Draco wasn’t bugged and could display the redtext, if the fire DoT would be better than the Hellfire. This might be something that can never be sorted out due to the bugged Draco never spawning in game. or through 3rd party sources. Hmmmm…

The Draco accesoire works as intended, it’s title is just not associated with the accesoire.

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That would be pretty easy to see if you have the debug mode active. Unfortunately the instructions for how to enable that died with the old forum. Anybody know how?

Anyway, from what I remember, having debug mode active allows you to see the tech pool of your current weapon. The Hellfire has free x1 procs, so keeps going with little fire explosions even when the tech pool is pretty much empty. From my memory, using the Draco yields a lot of shots with no fire proc, so as far as we know it isn’t supposed to be as dramatic as the Hellfire.

Regarding DOT values, I thought those were just calculated using weapon damage, your level, enemy level, and elemental weaknesses…could be wrong though. You could figure it out with a little experimentation.

I knew the Hellfire stacks it’s DoT’s. Not sure the Draco can do the same.

I wanted the Draco to be as good as the Hellfire for my AR Roland I use every so often. I still use it, just thought i wasn’t getting what it was intended to be is all. I appreciate the info.

All elemental procs(except explosive, naturally) stack, it’s just that the Hellfire is so far and above everything else that in comparison, everything else seems not to.

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I thought the draco is the fire glorius massacre made by s&s. i have been collecting that rifle thinkibg its the draco.