Is this a Exploit? Multiqueing

Im seeing people do this alot now where you que up for a story mission, select your character and disconnect then que up for a pvp match and play the match then afterwards load back into the story mission for easy boss rewards while the team cleared to the boss while you were doing pvp.

Most pvp matches take 20min or less and most story missions take around 30min or more.

huh never heard of someone doing this…idk if I would call it an exploit, though it hardly seems fair.

…Lots of people do this, I currently have 303 hours into Story mode and have seen it many times.

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I’ve never seen it myself … every time someone leaves at the beginning they never come back in my experience.

What platform are you experiencing this on? I’m on PS4 for example …

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Im on PS4

all this gets solved with a vote-kick option. someone bails vote kick them. leave it in for solving other abuse situations

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Sounds like an exploit to me. @JoeKGBX could you please alert the team to this?

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Would you actually get loot though?

Definitely will do!


Yea you do get the loot, and I think you get all of it. I found out about this after I had left a PVE match because everyone but me and one other person quit and we only had one life left. I got frustrated went into a pvp match. I queued again and there was a prompt to rejoin the pve match, I joined and found that everyone was back in the match again. I finished the map with them and I got loot and experience. I haven’t tried it again, but I can confirm that you do get at least some of the rewards.


I’ve noticed quite a few players dropping out at the start of advanced story games lately, perhaps loot farming explains why.

It still seems like a very foolish thing to do - at the end of the map the game shows a summary of who did what, and while I have no idea what gearbox’s plans are to address this sort of thing, it looks like the data should certainly be there. Some other games fold this sort of player behavior into the matchmaking process - people who routinely bail on games get segregated with other people who consistently bail on games.

Just wanted to let you know that a few of us were just talking about this today. Hopefully more info on this in the future! We definitely have data that we can look at from every match.


optimizing your progression is a strong motivator, especially with a laborious grind

story modes get pretty blah in repetition. Too little story or cool events in them. Just a bunch of chained horde modes and you begin to feel like other players have too much control over your experience with all of the escort/protection events that can make the entire thing a waste of time upon failure.

Letting peeps continue from a checkpoint instead of a “nightfall” style failure would be a more enjoyable experience. Heck even Destiny made nightfalls change to checkpoints because it frustrated so many players.


Thank you for the update.

How could you not call that an exploit? That’s textbook exploitation right there, lol.

Adding a 5min return timer when someone drops would prevent this from happening. If they don’t return to the misson within 5min they can’t rejoin the group.

If you want to add a penalty, lock them out of the mode they dropped from untill the misson or match ends.